My girls both turned 3 in the last few days. Eloise turned three years old, and Eden turned 3 months old. Both such significant milestones. I feel like Eloise is no longer a little baby anymore and becoming her own little lady with a lot interesting thoughts and opinions. And passing the 3 month mark with Eden makes me let out a huge sigh of relief. The first 3 months with any baby is difficult but I really can't complain. She is such a pleasant baby and she lights up whenever Eloise sings to her.

I am so in love with these two. Happy THREE my loves.


Junebug Weddings

I am beyond flattered to be invited to be part of Junebug Weddings network of the Best Wedding Photographers! I have long admired Junebug Weddings for always showcasing inspiring professionals who push the envelope in the industry. What an honour to be among this international network of professionals, so many of which I greatly admire!

You can see my listing here. Thank you Junebug Weddings!

Junebug Weddings!


Alphabets 2: Eloise's version




Ellie said "E for Eden and E for Eloise!" So naturally her baby sister had to be in the photo as well.

At least I snapped ONE shot of Eloise on her own!

Happy Friday everybody!





We are in the process of making some fun things for Eloise's birthday party coming up in a few weeks. I am hoping Eloise will stay still to take a photo with her name too. Toddlers are so fast, but I can make a newborn take any photo.

Spring is finally here and I am looking forward to more colourful days outside in the park. Colourful crafts will tide us over until then!