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getting dirty

dirty snow

I wish snow could always stay white, instead of becoming slushy brown.

This is a neat video my friend sent over. Watch it

It's cute isn't it? He found it on
Kanye Wests' blog. Interesting.


  1. how funny, I linked to that video today too! so cool! when I was a kid growing up in sweden I used to love the brown snow before it got all grey and slushy. you know those squares of snow that tires kick up,like in your last photo? I pretended they were chocolate (like after eights). god knows why, I mean I didn't eat them or anything... kids are weird huh? we might be getting some of the white stuff on monday. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

  2. But that's why snow is nice, is just a transient state, as everything beautiful, wabi-sabi.

    But here in stockholm snow seems to transform directly to that brown substance "snö-slask" when it hits the ground, I find it sad.

  3. famapa - ha! I guess that video is going around the internet now! That is so funny that we posted it on the same day! I like your imagination with snow and chocolate. Maybe I will try to do that too, so I won't be so sad when the snow gets dirty.

    jorge - hi! how are you? I guess you are right. I guess I wouldn't appreciated the white snow if it were always white. But why does the snow turn to the slushy brown so fast in Stockholm?

  4. Wow so I'm not the only one who's made the slush-chocolate connection! I can't even figure out where the thought comes from but sometimes I still think about sweet things when I see that particular type of slush. Like some kind of chocolate milk-shake. It's weird I know. And I don't even have much of a sweet-tooth either.

  5. ghp, I'm so relieved I'm not the only one! I wrote that comment thinking I'm so weird but I feel perfectly normal now. thank you :)