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Monday night Movies







I like to make Jin take me out for dinner and a movie on Monday night, or early in the week. After a hectic weekend of family, friends, errands, and projects, it is nice to just relax on a weeknight. Yesterday we watched "Rachel Getting Married"

Lately though, we have been watching movies a lot, because I have been feeling very lazy. So no more movies for awhile,.....or until next week.


  1. sounds like the perfect start to the week :)
    how was the film?
    oh, and by the way, that nice weather that we had yesterday didn't stick around, it's all grey, dark and drizzly today. ho hum.

  2. hello, me again. just letting you know that I've tagged you, so come over my way to see what it's about!

  3. so nice that you have a blog. and are those churros above? yum!

  4. celine, v funnily i was just jotting down some thoughts on wedding photography as you left your comment!

  5. famapa - AHH! Thanks for tagging me! This is going to be fun! You can all see my messy desk! The film was great! All the actors/actresses were very well cast, and everything seemed very real.
    so sorry that London has returned to rain. We got a huge dumping of snow yesterday. I can't wait until spring...!

    Lottie - no churros :( I can't find any in Toronto, although I am sure they have them somewhere. But those things are similar, fried dough, but it is dipped them in congee! It is the only way I will eat congee, otherwise, I am not a fan!
    Your wedding photos are so lovely! I am looking to yours for inspiration when I am trying out my new shoes as an assistant this summer