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I don't know how it is where you are in the world, but it has been snowing here in Toronto this week. Not a lot, but there it is still cold enough to snow! I envy seeing pictures of flowers springing up, but I know it will come soon, because the weather has already been getting a little bit better.

My indoor plants know that it is spring, look at them go!

I would love a brass mister, or even a stainless steel one, but I cannot find one locally, and this store only ships within USA. Oh well, I will keep my eyes open.

Go check
the weather in your part of the world at this adorable adorable site. Via Chrrristine. Thank you!


  1. It's been snowing here in St. Catharines too!
    I had to pull out my long jacket again 0_o

  2. You definitely have a green thumb. Your plants are so happy! I hope that the weather starts to warm up for you soon. Your photographs are a true delight to me.

  3. I want a brass mister too! If you find one will you pick one up for me too? I'll do the same for you...
    Also, I have a funny little something for you. It's nothing at all really, but I think you might like it. (really, it's nothing big)


  4. this is so cute seing them growing most be great!! We had a few snow flakes here too I live in the Province of Quebec

  5. Yukiko! It is still cold here! But at least the sun is shining this weekend. I hope it is the same for you too!

    Alexandria! Don't be fooled by my pictures! I am only a beginner gardener!

    Nikole! I will definately pick up 2 if I see them anywhere in Toronto, or in my travels!
    Something for me?! You are too kind!! What could it be?? I love surprises like these. You just made my day!

    omami! thank you so much for stopping by to say hello! Where do you live in Quebec? I often think about driving over for a mini-vacation!