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Jin was out of town last week, so my first insinct was to do some shopping. I found some kitty plates at One's in Vaughan Mills, one for Jin and I, and one for each of our kitties! I also found an amazing skirt at Holt Renfrew Last Call, but I have to fix the hem, and I have no idea what to wear on top. Maybe I can show you one day.

I found some flowery plates on my street, about to be thrown out. It reminded me of the vintage plates
Lena Corwin collected for her beautiful wedding. Hers were so beautiful!

I found the sweet blue flowered plate and the white lamp at Value Village. I love them both very much.

How was your weekend?


  1. Aw, I love the bowls with the cats!

  2. what fun finds! i love the photos in your last post. i popped over from abbytryagain. you've got some fun stuff!

  3. You definitely found some very cool deals! All of it is so lovely.

  4. You went to Vaughan Mills! Was it your first time?? I like window shopping there~
    One time Hugo Boss had really nice dress there! I took picture of it, maybe we can make it someday =)

  5. HELLO TIGER! - thank you!! the little ones are for the cats kibble. I hope they will like it!

    Vanessa - wow! thank you for coming by to say hello! baby Connor is cute isn't he?

    Alexandria - I am practicing how to thrift better!

    Yuk - I have been there before, but only briefly. This time, Pan and I walked around the entire mall! I like the Holtz store there the best. I think I remember the picture you took! YES! we should try making it one day!

  6. Those cat plates are too sweet!