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May Babies

blowing out candles

empty glasses


almond cake


birthday candles

Apparantly, a lot of people I know have birthdays in May. So many, that we went to 3 different birthdays on our long weekend! I had 3 different cakes, on 3 different nights, with 3 different groups of friends. What a great way to catch up with everybody!!

I had a great long weekend. The Victoria Day long weekend is usually when people start gardening, and this is my very first year! But more on that later.

Let me have cake, and eat it too!


  1. yum! u can never have enough cake

  2. Are you a virgo? _ I am and I have loads of friends with a May birthday, Taurus

  3. roz! you're right! you can't! I wish I could have brought some home! But that would have been rude! haha!

    Hello Nikole!

    hmmmm, I wonder why you love May babies Anabela? hehe!

    A Day That is Dessert - oh it was so much fun! thank you!

    Chris - I am a Cancer!