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bits of red, and happiness.

red bike

garden decoration


I think I am unconsciously attracted to red. I really do like that colour. What is your favourite colour?

Some things that make me happy. Riding bikes with Jin, enjoying the garden with Jin, and seeing Jin smile.

Jin is away all weekend. Pooey. It is such a beautiful weekend too!
But I will be spending the weekend planning his big birthday party, which is happening next week. So thoughts of Jin will be quite present on my mind. I am planning a scavenger hunt & bbq party with all our friends! It should be fun!


  1. Love your blog and love red too :)

  2. tiffany green, cream and light pink :D

    i love planning parties and that is so sweet of you.
    i like this blog post! :)

  3. thank you so much fot your kind comment!
    i really enjoy following your blog!!

  4. thanks for your lovely comment!
    what a pretty red bike! :) :)

  5. two-birds : I love your blog too! Thank you so much for coming by!

    Melissa! I like your colours! They look so pretty together in my mind! I am not good at planning parties, I keep thinking things will go wrong!

    Francesca! thank you for coming by! I really do enjoy reading your posts!

    Windy Days: the bike is Jin's bike! I will tell him you like it!

  6. Love these photos. I think I'm very much drawn to gray and blue--typical northwest colors!