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finished quilt top

quilt top

Remember this post? Well, this is the progress I have made so far.

I drew what I wanted my quilt to look like on a grid, and I referred to it many times so that I would know which square to sew together next. It is my only copy, so I am glad my cats did not swipe it away before I finished the quilt top, or I would have to try to remember my design again, or make a new one.

I finished the quilt top last week. I already have the fabric for the quilt back, and Jin helped me baste it together.

It is hand quilting time! My favourite!


  1. it turned out great celine! i just bought a walking foot for my sewing machine. maybe i'll get into some quilting action too!

  2. Wow it's so nice Celine~
    Colors look great!

  3. your design and colours are amazing. can't wait to see the hand quilting.

  4. oh wow, I love it! and I love the colour inspiration from the flower pictures. I'd like to try quilting now that I've seen yours.

  5. May! we can be quilting buddies. hehe!

    Yuk! Thank you! I am liking purples and yellows now! I hope Pan likes this quilt!

    Karyn! Thank you for helping me choose the fabric! You are one of the only people who saw this from the very very beginning!

    Christine! Thank you! You should totally try quilting! It is so satisfying! And I can only imagine the amazing designs you would create!

  6. Beautiful! You have a talent for this.