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Home from our Holiday


How have your last 2 weeks been? We are back from our road trip/cottage holiday, and I have so much to show you. But first, I have to solve a space issue on my computer, because I have been taking too many photos and my hard drive is running out of space. Digital organization is so hard, especially when it creeps up on you.

I hope you have been well! chit chat soon!


  1. good to have you back, look forward to seeing loads of pictures! xx

  2. three words: external hard drive
    there's no other way! looking forward to seeing the pics!

  3. how have you been Christine? I can't wait to show you some photos! Prince Edward Island is one of the most beautiful places in the world to me now!

    Famapa! haha! I have an external hard drive for backup, but I feel like I need another one for back back up!! I have to come over and see your holiday photos, now that I am back!

  4. welcome back! i've always wanted to go east! can't wait to see the photos!
    did you see any homages to anne of green gables and titanic?

  5. Welcome back Celine!
    I hope you enjoyed your vacation!

  6. I hope you get things sussed out with the photographs! Good to see you again! :)

  7. i'm with famapa, three words, external hard drive. sigh. see you saturday. welcome back.

  8. melissa - you should go out there! I am facinated by that part of Canada now, and I want to go back sometime soon! There is so much to see! We didn't make it to Anne, she was far from the cottage.

    Thank Yukiko! I need to e-mail you sooooon! We need to catch up! I hope your last two weeks were well!

    Alexandria! How are you? It is good to be back!

    Nikole! Can't wait till saturday! What are we up to?

  9. the little shirt made me smile :)