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Our last day

lobster trap

the tiniest crab

sea glass


Every day was a good day on this trip. We made a promise to eat seafood every day. Between the two of us, we had 5 lobsters, 5 dozens of oysters (heaven!), 2 dozens of clams, and probably 3 lbs of mussles. Everything was fresh, and caught that morning! We don’t get that sort of seafood back home. Thinking back, I think we should have eaten more lobsters and oysters. Mmmm!

The weather was a bit chilly, but we managed to sneak one day at the beach. We were told to go to this private beach, “the best beach on the island” he said, and so we had to go see for ourselves. Had it been a public beach, it would have been packed with people that sunny day, but only 5 people were on the beach when we got there. It was so nice to not have to fight for a spot on the sand.

We looked for sea glass all afternoon. I didn’t know sea glass existed until I came to P.E.I! We got a good collection that day.


  1. I've heard of sea glass - but never actually seen any! Very pretty.

  2. gorgeous photographs!
    thank you for the email. if i can get to this prince edward i will email you for information on that house. you are kind to offer. cheers, mav

  3. Whoa, sounds and looks great! eating that much fresh seafood sounds like a fantastic idea, too. lucky you.

  4. these are my favorites so far. the photos i mean. oh and the sea glass too of course!

  5. Lin - I hope you do find some sea glass if you are ever on a beach one day!

    Mav - thanks you!

    aixxx - Oh, I miss the fresh seafood! You must get fresh seafood where you are all the time no?

    nikole - thanks for telling me! I always like to know what people like!

  6. very beautiful pictures. sweet post :-)

  7. What beautiful pictures! I just stumbled across your blog and now I have a huge smile on my face after seeing your PEI pics. My mom is from there and I usually go ever summer...but not this one..and I have missed it there so very much. Your pictures sum up the beauty and colors of the island perfectly! Thanks for sharing. I may need to come back and visit these posts for a little visual vacation.

  8. i'm happy to find someone else who collects sea glass :) beautiful images!