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Sølje earrings

Nav is back in town briefly, I was so excited to see her yesterday! We only had a short lunch, but knowing her busy schedule, I feel lucky to have had a private lunch with her! We ate sushi - her favourite.

She handed me a box wrapped in sparkly tissue paper. I opened it, and I squealed! Inside, were traditional Sølje Norwegian earrings! When I lived with Nav when we were in school together, I would always go in her room and look through her jewelry box. These earrings would always catch my eye! I asked her some years ago, if she ever goes back to Norway, could she pick me up a pair? And she remembered! I am wearing them today, Nav! Thank you!

Nav is going to do her masters of architecture in Norway this September. I wish her all the best! I am going to miss her, but it only means, I will have to visit her myself in Bergen. I looked up some images of looks exactly how I imagined Norway would be!! Norway will be our next European adventure.

But before that, we must go to Asia to see my grandparents! So many places to go!


  1. Lovely flowers. Beautiful earrings. Nice shots.

  2. I'm going back to Norge toooo!!!!

  3. thank you!

    Charlyn - when are you going back? you are going again? I haven't even BEEN!

  4. Travelling through the blogs of the Internet, through Sweden and UK, lead me to your blog --which made me want to keep clicking "older posts" until all of a sudden this familiar sight caught my eye.. Sølje earrings from Norway!

    Coincidentally I am Norwegian and I have been living in Toronto for 2 years now. I never usually leave traces of my "snooping" through blogs, but this time I had to.. I really like your blog, and your earrings obviously! I have some very similar ones (and some ancient brooches) to go with my national costume.

    So .. hello :)