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planting mums

planting Mums

I get to stay at home today because it is a long weekend in Canada. It is so gloriously hot outside, and I am thoroughly enjoying it! We haven't had too many hot summer days this season, so I am soaking it up!

My entire body hurts from working on a wedding with Gabe yesterday. Planting some Mums for our planter is a slow-paced activity I can handle! We had Mums at our wedding last year, and I was surprised that Jinny remembered when I brought them home! My man really loves his flowers.

Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. Planting really is a relaxing thing indeed. Very beautiful photograph!

  2. Pretty mums! Are they pretty hardy/last a long time?

  3. Hi Celine! Thanks for your visit :)
    Hope you've had a great day off.
    I like your blog, I will definetely return ;)
    See you!

  4. thanks alexandria! so glad you like the photo! I hope you had a relaxing weekend too!

    Hi Lois! I think they are pretty hardy. This will be the first time I have them kept in a planter. I will tell you how long they last!

    Ulrika - your blog is so lovely as well! thank you for saying hello back!