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melinda + chris

Melinda and Chris got engaged a couple months ago, and their friends and family planned a surprise party in the park for them! It was the sweetest affair, right in the middle of Trinity Bellwoods!

There were homemade cupcakes and sandwiches, and cupcake wrapper and doily garlands! I loved the decorations so much (which explains my excessive imagery of them here!)!! Jin took most of the photos here, I am so proud of them! I think they are beautiful! He is getting really good behind the camera!

Congratulations Melinda and Chris!! Melinda, I am glad we came and met some of your friends, and finally got to meet Chris!


  1. awww what a sweet looking couple. i wish i came with u guys!
    congratulations melinda & chris

  2. Those are some lovely pictures. What a nice party!

  3. What a lovely surprise! I wish the couple all the best:)

    I write my blog in English too, sometimes;p

  4. this is so sweet. the pictures are lovely and i love the bunting! :)
    ps: are those cupcake liners?

  5. Celine! Those photos are beautiful! I've been waiting to see what photos the two of you took! (I wish I'd known to bring my camera! haha!)
    Do you think there's any way I could get some higher-res versions of your photos?
    Thanks again to both you and Jin for coming! It was so nice!

  6. I'm so happy that you and Jin came! The hardest part about the party was keeping it a surprise.
    The pictures are wonderful.

  7. I always love your pictures, they are so delicate *_*