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featured on KITKA


Juli and John run the amazing Toronto design blog, KITKA. I love their blog because, they make me aware of where to find some amazing local vintage furniture (currently, I have been searching for lighting), and they always post up the most inspiring images of architecture and interiors, and it always makes me itch to build something for our apartment (or, knock down some walls, if we could!). But most importantly, their blog makes me realize more and more that this city I call home, is such an amazing place to be.

Today, Juli and John are featuring our orange bookshelves on KITKA!

Wow! Thank you! Go over there to see more images of our metal library shelves.


  1. Congratulations on the well-deserved attention! I am keeping my fingers crossed that we find some shelves as lovely as these. They're sublime.

  2. Tara! Thank you so much for your kind words!
    I really hope you find something perfect for your home!

  3. I love those shelves- they're awesome! Your photos are so inspirational as well.

  4. so nice and sweet and awesome. i love everything in your bookshelf - especially that fan!