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hi Dre

lots of cinnamon

plum jam in the making

gingham top

This past weekend, Melinda showed me the steps to can food in jars! We made cinnamon plum jam to go in them and they match perfectly with their red gingham lids!

Dre kept us company while we were busy in the kitchen. He was posing for me, so I had to take a portrait of him. I also couldn't resist snapping some shots of her beautiful wall decals! (I am in love with her home!)

I have never had plum jam before, and we both agreed it turned out delicious! I love how cinnamon-y it is! We drizzled the jam over some apple turnovers Melinda made before I came. Yum!

I got an advanced peak of the book she illustrated
(LE GÉRANIUM), and I must say, every single illustration is stunning! I already have my favourites! I cannot wait to see them in real life at her gallery show coming up next saturday!

It was a lovely saturday Melinda, thanks for having me over!


  1. your cat .. hahhaha i love it.

  2. i love the second from last, so great celine.

  3. Your photos turned out so well, (with all that steam in the house!). The look beautiful! Thanks for a fun day. We'll try that fig jam one day!

  4. ooh, sounds like a perfect day! lots of cinnamon...yum! celine, your photos are so beautiful!

  5. yay! jammin' is one of my favorite things to do :)
    i'm so happy you're learning!!!
    & great photographs. they're so happy!

  6. Lovely light in the cat picture. And, cute cat :)

  7. Amazing! I also made plum jam for the first time this year.. but I didn't add cinnamon. Sounds like a great idea.

    I have those same gingham jar lids, but on my blueberry jam! They make me so happy in the morning.

  8. Aww. I've always wanted to learn how to make jam! I missed out on making plum jam this year. I can't miss it next year :)

  9. I immediately smiled when I saw your cat! How precious!

  10. Beautiful pictures! And Dre is so cute ;)

  11. the jam sounds amazing! we should arrange a jam swap next year!