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soft white animals

sleeping Kai

little Chai

Kai's Paws

Chai chomp

Roz has two pets, and they match eachother! They are both mostly white in colour! Roz and Andrew just got Kai, a Siberian Husky, a week ago.

I wanted to meet puppy Kai before he grew into a big dog forever. He was so full of energy and was pouncing on me, like a cat! After hours of fun, he fell into his puppy sleep, and he looked like such a peaceful boy. I love how clumsy and big puppy paws are compared to the rest of their body.

Chai is their bunny! He is a pooping machine! I have never seen a floppy eared bunny before, and I kept playing with his ears! He totally didn't mind. He also doesn't mind it if you touch his incredibly soft cotton tail.

Thanks for having me over Roz. It was cute overload!


  1. AHHHH!! that is some serious cute overload! it's too much.

  2. the ears! boy, how i'd love to have some ears like that around, it would make my day everytime i saw them passing by. unless it's leaving some poop behind.

  3. the rabbit is so cute and it's so cool that their pets match! I use to have a floppy-eared rabbit too but it died.

  4. Karyn! I hope you get to meet Kai one day! he is so funny!

    Jokemijn! I know what you mean! It would make my day too! The ears make the pooping ok!

    Farhana! I am so sorry about your bunny :(

    Nikole! I was so overloaded with cuteness when I left!

  5. aww celine!!! these pictures are amazing!!! you captured them so well!

    thanks for coming to our lil' home, you are always welcome! potluck next time??

    farhana: i'm sorry about ur bunny!

  6. cuuuute! I love that bunny's face.

  7. LOVE these pictures ! Thank you !

  8. adorable i want to pinch them!