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I wanted so badly to show a photo of our dresses today, but as hard as we worked on the weekend, we didn’t finish them. That is ok, because thanks to Yukiko, I think I have gotten over my fear of cutting into fabric! And, installing invisible zippers!

I think the part that took us the longest was understanding the pattern, and tracing the pattern onto our fabric. It was fun to trace with a friend though; we traced the pattern pieces together for both of our dresses. After we read through the instructions many many many times over, it felt like we were on the right track! I am hoping reading patterns will be easier and easier the more dresses we make.

Once I finish the dress, I will take a photo of it for you!

But for now, how cute is Yukiko’s cactus pin cushion??

Get it?

Cactus? Pins?



  1. I can't wait to see what the dresses look like! I'm starting my first ever men's dress shirt, (as a secret Christmas present for Chris, so shhhh!), and it's going to be pretty difficult too! I'm sure I'll be reading over the pattern over and over and over tonight!

  2. good luck with your sewing! it's still a big puzzle for me every time, but I love to do it! can't wait to see your pretty dress!

  3. It's nice to hear that you two were having fun! I think this is the most important part while learning something new...
    and cactus pin cushion is really brilliant!

  4. you're making a dress! that's so great! is it from one of those Japanese dress patterns? i can't wait to see it.

    Yukiko's cactus pin cushion is so adorable!

  5. cute ass cactus!!!
    i'm glad u guys had a great time!!! ya, i was wondering, which pattern did you guys use?

    i think that's my problem too...i don't really understand pattern instructions very well. good luck and we will be waiting for the big reveal! yay!

  6. that pincushion is the cutest!! i love it :)

  7. you're funny!

    i look forward to seeing the dress!

  8. i can't wait for the big reveal! the pattern tracing with all the numbers and lines looks so complicated!

  9. i'm very curious:) and invisible zippers are so cool!! it looks complicated, but once you get it it's so much easier. good luck with the finishing!

  10. Look like fun, I´m curious about the dress :)

  11. That is an adorable cactus pin cushion! I'm still intimidated by invisible zippers, nicely done!