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I want to show you some surprise housewarming gifts from these lovely ladies!! Thank you so much, from the bottom of our hearts! We love them!

The first thing I saw when we moved was a pile of bills, and among them was this beautiful hand letterpressed housewarming card in the mail from
Tanya. The image is of how to build a bird house. I love the technical drawing!

This little bird came from my good friend Nav. She got this in Montpellier (doesn't Montpellier sound like the prettiest place on earth?). It is a Sifflet Oiseau. Mea and Mojo think I am a real bird when I whistle it.

Rosalyn came by for a visit,and she made us a beautiful piece of art. I feel so lucky to have a piece of her work. I have admired her since I saw her installation at the workroom.

My friend Pandora gave us a new "dinghy" for our yet-to-be-installed bath tub! The boat will always float to the top of the water, so I will never have a hard time finding the plug!

And, can you tell that I am in love with my white floors?


  1. sweet gifts, Celine. The wood and thread artwork by Rosalyn is divine! Thumbs up to the white floors :)

  2. oh how I wish to have white floor as well! So perfect!
    Enjoy your beautiful gifts and a new house and have a wonderful day*

  3. This is so sweet...
    Montpellier... My hometown... Yes a very pretty city!

    Can't wait to see pictures of your new beautiful house.
    Happy 2010!

  4. I've been dreaming of white floors forever!
    they look amazing, you did a great job.
    all the best for setteling in!

  5. i love your floors! so shabby chic! so french!
    that card looks awesome. what's on the flip side? and rosalyn's artwork looks so intricate!

  6. Sweet gifts.
    And I love the boat.

  7. such beautiful gifts! i also love, love, love the mittens in your previous post. :)
    happy new year!

  8. I love white floors too! Sadly though I will have to settle for lots of white walls for now.

    PS. I love Rosalyn's pieces/installations. So beautiful!

  9. hi ! :)
    such beautiful & thoughtful housewarming gifts you got there !
    By Montpellier, do you mean Montpellier, France ? (because that's where I live)
    You have one awesome blog, thanks for sharing :)