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Welcome spring!

packaged by Melinda

handsome mr. fox

Dre, you are so pretty

The weather has been wonderful in the city since March arrived! Hopefully spring is here to stay! We got 2 prints, illustrated by the incredibly sweet and talented
Melinda Josie, to welcome spring into our home!

The first one is of a handsome Mr. Fox, playing in a clover field. Clover is my favourite, their petals are heart shaped! I have never found a four leaf clover yet, have you?

The other is
Dre, at a springtime tea party! Melinda told Jin and I that you know it is Dre, because of his pointy head (yes, Dre is a boy! How cute!).

I love our new pieces of art, and I cannot wait to find a perfect frame for them and hang them on our very blank walls.
Rosalyn got the same prints, and I picked hers up for her. I cannot wait to deliver these beauties to her tonight, I know she will squeal!

I am excited to see what Melinda's next print will be! Check her
blog, and her store for her current and upcoming prints!

p.s. I like the way she wrote our names! Such attention to detail!


  1. How stunningly beautiful...
    I love these...thanks for sharing!

  2. Melinda's prints are super sweet. And I have to mention the envelope wrapping too - really nice.

  3. The prints are absolutely charming, as is the packaging!

  4. Cute cute prints! I love the fox in the clover field!

  5. those cards are so absolutely adorably amazing!

  6. very talented. i love how she put dre in a yellow dress, and the look on his face is priceless.
    you know, i have two four-leaf clovers. one was from my nana for good luck when i was an exchange student and the other one i found in my garden while living in london.
    maybe they are more common than we think?!

  7. i did! i did sqeaaaal when i opened it when i got home tonite!!!
    that melinda josie, she's sooo good! :D

  8. opps. that last msg was me celine - roz!!

  9. hello : ) i just found your blog & i really like it!
    wonderful designs! i'm going to check out her work.

  10. Ah! Your blog is so cute I can't even stand it!

  11. I love how when I read your blog I feel like we are sitting around having a cup of tea. Hopefully we will for real someday soon!

  12. beautiful! i love these prints. thanks for sharing. and i really like your blog too, beautiful place :)