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I had an unexpectedly busy week away from the computer! I cannot wait to show you what I have I been up to in a little bit, but in the meantime, I'd like to continue to take you through our experiences in Hong Kong.

Jin and I spent a day going through the interesting market streets of Mong Kok. There is a 'goldfish street' and a 'flower street' where an entire street has stores dedicated to selling everything you need to start an aquarium or a garden. My favourite market street was 'Bird Street'. I loved looking at all the colourful song birds and the beautiful wooden birdcages. We were highly considering shipping one of these intricate birdcages home. Maybe we will on our next visit...

Bird Street is also where men come to show off their song birds to other bird owners. I never questioned why some men carried birds in cages around with them wherever they go, I just accepted it from a young age. I like that these men pamper and treasure their little song birds.


  1. Bird Street! This is an incredible bunch of photos ~ I wish it was printed in a little book to buy. :)

  2. I've never been to goldfish, flower or bird street before, despite being to HK multiple times. Need to cut down on the eating and mindless shopping, heh.

  3. So wonderful!
    I can almost hear their chirping from the vibrant photos! ;D


  4. i love how they have themed streets in mong kok. bird street is a favourite of mine too and you have captured it beautifully.

  5. I love this both the name 'Bird Street' and those gorgeous pictures!

  6. The birds are beautiful, so are the cages and your pictures. But it does make me a little sad to see them like this, with so little space and stack on top of each other.
    Lovely pictures as usual, though :-)

  7. this is so wonderful, and i love the idea of these men having song birds too and taking such care for them. your photos are so good... i have only spent any time in Hong Kong as a child and my memories of it are sketchy at best. i long to return!

  8. i love this. bird street! hee! wow!!


  9. i'm kinda like you: i could care less about the birds, i want one of those gorgeous cages!!

  10. i always love your adventures! thanks for sharing those nice pics :)

  11. That second photo just blew me away, I agree, birds are really not my thing, but your photos are so beautiful!

  12. I agree with Barbara, I like seeing your adventures too! These pictures are just beautiful

  13. your pictures from your trip are stunning!

  14. this sounds lovely! i've actually never heard a bird sing before. :-(

    did you hear any nice bird songs on that street?