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The Details

Melinda + Chris : married!

Thank you so much for all of the wonderful comments and emails for Melinda + Chris' wedding! They did such an incredible job of putting the whole event together. There were so many aspects I loved about their wedding, one of them is the fact that a lot of the vendors involved are people we really admire, and some are even our good friends.

The Venue : Thrush Holmes Empire
The Caterer : Audrey Demers
The Flowers : Coriander Girl
The Cakes : Nikole Herriott
The Hair/Makeup : Yumiko Caffrey
Melinda's Necklace : Odette NY
Chris’ Suit : Tiger, Sweden, Grreat Stuff, Toronto
Chris' Bowtie : Silver Fox, Cabaret, Toronto
Groomsmen's period costumes : Malabar!

Their wedding invitations were letterpressed in Tanya`s studio!

A lot of people loved Melinda's wedding dress and I am not sure if you know this or not, but along with all the other amazing things she made for the wedding, she made her own dress too! It was stunning to see in person!

If you would like to see more, pop over to Melinda's flickr, as she has loaded more photos from their wedding, here!

Today was one of those amazingly productive days for me but I am signing off for the weekend! Happy Canada Day! Fireworks is on the agenda this weekend!


  1. Love it aaaaaalllllllll I say!!!!! ;D

  2. I can't believe Melinda made her own dress! What a talented woman.

  3. I should be getting used to this by now, finding out how secretly talented people are on the internet. She made her own dress??!!! WOW.

  4. Your pictures are always such a great source of inspiration! I'm photographing a wedding in September, as a favour for a friend, and it's making me super nervous. Looking at these awesome shots won't exactly calm my nerves, but I can't stop ;)

  5. Hello!
    Your amazing work is on my brasiliam blog:
    I hope so that´s ok to you.
    Best Regards,
    Luiza do Valle