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kinfolk vol. 3 : my favourite outtakes

Kinfolk Vol 3.

Kinfolk Vol 3.





The newest Kinfolk Magazine is out and I had the pleasure of working on it to provide images to accompany a beautiful article written by M.F. Miller.

Miller wrote about a couple and their sweet ritual of "revisiting their favourite places that they had visited when they started courting" and I asked if Melinda and Chris would want to work with me on this project! I am so glad they said yes because I love the results!

I love the images that made it into this issue (you can see the spreads on Melinda's post about it here!) and here are a few of my favourite outtakes!

Thanks for having me Nathan and Amanda! It is always a pleasure working with you.

Purchase a copy of volume 3 here.
Read it on your ipad here.


One more fun thing I want to tell you about today (so many fun things today!)

Jin and I are on Amanda's blog today as part of her adorable series My Better Half. Do go take a look! I want to thank Henry Cheung for taking those photos for us for the feature.

Thanks for having us, Amanda! xo


  1. Thanks again Celine! It was such a fun couple of days!

    And I didn't realize the tie between the "Better Half" post on you and Jin, and Amanda from Kinfolk! So sweet!

  2. how fun! i've always wanted to work with kinfolk.
    -jocee <3

  3. Such lovely photos, as always, Celine.

    Also, re My Better Half, you look so beautiful; your baby bump is just perfect. ;)

  4. oh Celine congrats, these photos are gorgeous! So nice! I love Kinfolk, Unfortunately I only have the first issue....
    and you two are so lovely on the interview... *
    Wish you both a nice weekend!

  5. This is so beautiful! I love it, great job with the photos!

  6. Wonderful! Such lovely photos, Celine for what sounds like a great article... Congratulations!

  7. Amazing! Lovely work! I can't wait to get my copy of Kinfolk V3 and seeing your work!

  8. yes! love your images too!