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A Weekend Outing

sugar beach


crabby bum

at the beach

the sweetest

We have been making baby steps to take longer trips outside of the house. Outings are important for all of our sanity (especially for Eloise and I, since daddy gets to leave the house for work). Since this past weekend was a long weekend, we went for an extra long outing. We went to Sugar Beach for an afternoon, the adorable man made beach with pink umbrellas on the waterfront.

I love how stranger's faces light up when they catch a glimpse of Eloise and someone always asks us how old she is expecting the answer to be days old, but surprised to hear that she is more than a month already! Time is flying by so fast!

Is it just me, or are babies the only ones who can pull off a giant crab on their bums?


  1. Haahahhaaa, I'm sure you can pull off a giant crab on your bum too! ;D

    Looks like the perfect outing!

  2. i love your photos! and baby eloise is so insanely cute...especially with a crab on her bum! haha. i'm glad you're getting out of the house more - it's always tough to do so, but summer means relaxing in a park outdoors, which i'm sure eloise is up for. :)

  3. Where on earth is that jumper from? It's adorable, Celine!
    Also - she. is. beautiful. I can't get over it. You and Jin did a wonderful job. I am so so happy for you two :) Enjoy the summer with your beautiful little girl.

  4. your baby is super super cute! and so is the crab on the jumper!

  5. Those crab pants are TOO cute!

    Love these shots (and Sugar Beach!) She is adorable.

  6. I'm pretty sure you have to be an adorable baby to pull off a giant crab on your bum!
    She is sooooo cute! Congratulations!

  7. loving the pink umbrellas and that little crab bottom!

  8. what an awesome man made beach.
    love the umbrellas but gotta say your little one beats that beach and those umbrellas any day. you must be very proud parents!

  9. I wish to visit sugar day, it's out of my psychological realm.

    Cutest crab bum!

  10. That crab outfit has to be one of the cutest things I've ever seen.

  11. great colours & the crab bum is adorable!

  12. so so beautiful.

  13. beautiful pictures of you day out!!
    and happy one month!

  14. These are such precious pictures. Thank you for sharing. Congratulations on your new baby!!!