heat wave

mango lassi pop

shaved ice yumminess

peach pop

While in New York, it was really hot. Thank goodness for all the cold treats and popsicles being sold on the street. We ate so many, we joked that we were on a popsicle diet.

Now, back in Toronto at least, the days have cooled off significantly. It feels like the end of summer already.


  1. I can't believe how it feels like summer is over already. I felt it the last two weekends at the cottage. Don't even want to swim! AND I can't believe that we only have two cottage weekends left. Wow the summer flew by. But I'm looking forward to having more of a wardrobe (tights!) and reconnecting with the city and its inhabitants :)

  2. It really does! Even though it was an especially hot one; I'll really miss this summer! (Though I'm definitely looking forward to big sweaters and wool socks again!) And don't worry- I'll still make ice cream when it's cold out! ;)

  3. The ice pops look like some of the ones I pick up at Chelsea Markets whenever I get the chance to go– sooooo good and so nice when it's humid/hot. It's strange how it's already mid-end of August already, but then...I think of all the things that come with autumn like pumpkins and apple spice smells, so until then, we must enjoy the rest of summer (:

  4. oh my gosh, this heat in ny is unbearable! i always resort to popsicles!!


  5. Popsicles eaten while walking down the street in high summer always seem to taste the best!

  6. hurray for ice cream and popsicles to beat the heat! i can totally relate to what you are going trough, since it is super hot in athens as well.

  7. pretty captures! popsicles any time of the day please :D