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Boots & Pine: Arden Wray

boots and pine

boots and pine

Have you heard of Boots and Pine? Photographer Arden Wray photographs interesting creatives in and around Toronto as a way to express her love and fascination for the wonderful people who populate it.

I have been a fan of this project ever since Anabela and Katie shared it on their blogs (they are featured on Boots and Pine as well!). It encompasses so many things I love - this amazing city we live in, good photography and talented locals.

Arden photographed Eloise and I a few weeks ago and she published the photos and interview last week. I am honored to be among so many talented folks. You can see the full post here.

And take a look around while you're there. Toronto is so rich with creativity.


  1. congrats celine!! boots + pine is awesome, and so are it's an obvious fit, haha. :)

  2. I love Boots and Pine. Loved the full post. And a definite YES to the need for HK breakfast!

    Also, I love that Camera Obscura song too!