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we made PIE.



apple pie


I don't make new years resolutions, but this year I made a list of things I wanted to do in 2009.

1. Learn how to make pie from scratch
2. Learn how to knit mittens
3. Go strawberry picking
4. Travel somewhere I have never been to before
5. Make a baby quilt for my friends
6. Make a DRESS!! (c'mon Celine, you can do it!)
7. Take more pictures

Hopefully this little space on the web will help me with # 7! I'd like to say hello! to you! Thank you for coming by!

The pie crust turned out great by the way, that was the part I was most afraid to not succeed! The apple part was a bit sour, I used Granny Smith. Next time, I will have to try another sort of apple. Fuji maybe?


  1. hello! welcome to the blogging world.
    that pie looks delicious. i too like cheese on apple pie! yums

  2. salute, celine:) I'm akane from flickr;))
    you're now "blogger" too:D nice to meet you here!
    I hope you're doing well on your resolutions.
    Oh, I have to make mine, too...

  3. yeeeiii!!! so great that you have a blog!

    and your resolutions are so sweet *_*

  4. Wow, I love the little hearts on the pie. It looks delicious ! :D

  5. Your blog is adorable, just like you!

  6. Love you blog Celine! That's a tasty looking pie and a very nice list of resolutions!

  7. i love apple pie. nom nom nom.

  8. Welcome to blogger~!

    Very cute apple pie Celine!!

  9. no better way to start a blog than by celebrating pie!!!!! s( > W < )/

    and is that cheese on pie?!?! I've never tried that before! (@ 0 @);;

  10. Hi Celine,
    Congrats on your blog! Love the header :) All the best.


  11. Wow! This is such a warm welcome! Thank you so much for coming by and saying hello to me! I hope 2009 has been treating you all very well!

    Oh, another thing to add to my list is....go to the gym! This is my first year of....exercise! It's painful and exhausting so far, but I pray it will get better!


  12. welcome, welcome! i think you're going to do everything on your list this year and lucky us, we get to see it all happening!

  13. Sweet and lovely blog! Try Pink Lady apples. I get the at my Farmers Market -- they're mostly sweet and a little tart. I love them in a maple sugar pie.

  14. that pie looks great! and welcome.

  15. welcome! and lovely pie. :)

  16. thank you so much everyone! I really really feel welcome here! I wish I could invite you all over for some pie! Or...have a pie party perhaps?

    Anon - thanks for the apple tip!! I am going to try pink lady apples!

  17. hi celine! your blog looks great so far! and oh how i like those little blue raindrops ;-)

  18. try using bramley apples cooked first with a little water and some sugar for the classic apple pie taste :') your blog is lovely!