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The weekend before the one that just passed....








I am allowed to back blog a little right? Before entering the world of blogging, I met up with some lovely friends I got to know through flickr. We met, unplanned at a trunk show at the workroom, but we planned a brunch date together some weeks later!

After some time of e-mailing, messages and other sorts of internet communication, Jin and I finally met up with
Anabela and Geoff. They announced their engagement the day before we had brunch, so I couldn't resist taking a snap of her really sweet ring.

After brunch, we went to ella's uncle because Jin and I have never been there before, and we live so close to it! They have the prettiest Ovaltine I ever did see.

That was the first time I planned a meet up with someone through the online community, and I must say, I quite liked it! It is so great to hang out with people who have similar interests as you, because, all the friends you meet through school and work, rarely have the same passion as you.

Internet, you are amazing!


  1. hey celine! so glad you you've started a blog, and this right here is such a beautiful post. I love how the barrista made beautiful patterns in the foam even though it just in a paper cup :)
    I agree that the internet is wonderful for meeting like-minded people.

    oh and even though it's already cold over here, send some of your snow over will you?! ;)

  2. What a lovely post Celine! Such beautiful photos.

    It was a pleasure having brunch with you and Jin. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.

  3. hi Celine, have just noticed you have a blog now... I love your photos, I'll stop by more often! Best wishes from London! Christine

  4. Thank you so much for coming to say hello guys!

    Famapa! I will try with all my might to send over some snow! I think my friends over there would appreciate it too!

    Geoff, I had such a great time! You guys are such a sweet loving couple, I am so happy for you two!

    Christine! thank you so much! I love your photos too. Your lomo shots are so nostalgic to me, maybe it is also because I have a special love for London.

  5. hi, hi!
    a blog for you,

  6. Welcome to the world of blogging :) I look forward to future posts.
    I met one of my closest girl friends via Flickr too.

  7. ~what a lovely blog
    Great photos