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the party : preparing

party prep


mustache glass

An office I worked for had a scavenger hunt for their summer party one year, but they had it before I was hired. That is where I got the idea to organize a small one for Jin's birthday.

I could not have done it without May! She helped me find prizes for the scavenger hunt winners at a yard sale (finger puppets and yo-yo's!), and she helped me draw mustaches on drinking glasses (as part of the prize pack!). She also prepped all the scavenger hunt material and packed them all together while I made food for the bbq. She's so amazing, and so generous with her time! Thank you so much May! It wouldn't have turned out this amazing without your ideas and your helping hand! It was so fun to hang out with you all those days.

We joked that it looked like we were planning a party for 5 year olds instead of adults! Doesn't it??


  1. that party sounds like it will be so much fun!
    i love scavenger hunts :)
    happy birthday, jin!

  2. You're welcome Celine
    I had tons of fun doing these things with you!

    I just realized the kiss coupons are expired already!