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the party

under the tent


pan handling

stealing balloons

well lit birthday cake

It rained all day on Saturday, and I asked Jin if it would be crazy if we pulled a big tarp over our backyard. He said it was crazy, but it can be done. So, we did!

May and I filled up as many helium balloons as we could and they decorated our "tent". None of our guests got wet later on in the night when it continued to drizzle!

For the scavenger hunt, I sent everyone out to do some funny things around the neighbourhood, such as, pan handling money, getting piggy back rides from strangers, a photo sliding down the fire station pole, and some other funny things!
Each team had 10 balloons, and you had to try to pop and steal other team's balloons! It was so funny to see people walking around the neighbourhood with bunches of balloons!

After the scavenger hunt, we had a huge bbq under the "tent". More friends came by to celebrate Jin's birthday with him, and we all sang happy birthday to the birthday boy!
I was running around the entire night and I didn't get to take any photos :(. Thank god my friends had their cameras, and they let me steal their photos!


  1. oh, looks so fun!
    got your email, sorry so slow.
    will email tomorrow.

  2. looks great!
    i love helium balloons!
    great you had such a good time!

  3. ps. what camera do you usually use?

  4. i love the balloon idea!!! i would love to do that for my little sister's party!

    i'd love to see pictures of the tarp!

    and what food did you serve? (harhar i love parties, especially the food part!)

  5. nikole - I look forward to your e-mail in my inbox!

    Francesca - I love helium balloons too! So very very much! I usually use my Canon 40D, but I for film, I have a hasselblad and a Canon AE-1. I should pick up my AE-1 again.

    Melissa! it's funny that you say you want to do this for your little sister, and this was a party for a grown man! I will try to see if there are more photos of the tarp. It wasn't the prettiest, but it felt cozy under it.

    I didn't serve anything fancy! Chicken wings marinated in Indian spices, short ribs, argentinian style, tomato salad and a cous cous salad. My guests brought a lot of their own meat too! I should have made more salad.

  6. Balloons make everything better! I really loved the 2nd photograph in this series.

  7. Hey Celine,
    Love when you post on your blog! Just wondering were you got your tapered birthday candles?

  8. Alexandria - That one is my favourite too!
    Georgia - thank you for your really wonderful comment! I got those tall skinny candles in montreal, years ago! I don't remember from what store! Sorry I am not much help! But I had them in our pantry for so long, I thought this was a good enough event to use all of them on!

  9. Love the balloons, so festive and cheerful. Looks like the party was a success!