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I spent some time yesterday moving plants around and ripping out GIANT cosmos from the ground (they grew taller than me. Jin, my neighbours and I, were scared). They did not turn out as I had envisioned.

I didn't plant bulbs last fall, so I am eager to try them out this year. I have some tulips, some narcissus(they are tiny daffodils!) and some snow crocus.

I think I should visit the garden at St. James Cathedral throughout the season to take down notes on which flowers bloom at different times of the year. Also, I should just go to have picnics there, because it is such a lovely garden. Who wants to join me?

Look at this, isn't it beautiful? I would love one for my home.


  1. Sweet idea! I think you chose some lovely flowers to plant and bloom later on. Too bad about the cosmos...they definitely can grow quite tall. I past some the other day taller than myself!

  2. I do, too! I've never tried planting bulbs. I should do that next year. Wish we lived closer so we could garden together. Boo. Hehe.

  3. Me too! I'd love to have a picnic! (Isn't the weather beautiful right now?)

  4. Alexandria - oh they were horrible! they would grow so tall, and then became unable to support their own weight, and would flop over and crush my other plants! I didn't know what to do!

    Marie! it would be so much fun to plant together!

    Erica! Lets have a picnic! I'd love to see you again, the last time was so cold and chilly, it would be nice to see you on a day like today!