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I have been holding a crow bar in my hands these days, instead of a camera. A crow bar that is almost as tall as me, and weighs half as much as I do. I miss my camera, but there is nothing like taking apart a floor! I was really scared at first, but now, I think I am getting the hang of it! It has been a good education in architecture.

2009 was such a good year! I managed to complete everything except for two things on my
list of things I wanted to do. I will make sure to complete them in 2010. This year, I am super excited to see how we settle into our new home! I am sure there will be much to learn.

Jin hurt 6 out of his 10 fingers while working on the house! Poor guy!! I had to scramble to find the box where we packed the bandaids!

happy 2010, friends! It is time to pull out the high ten!!

Hope you had a sweet celebration!



  1. Happy new year dear Celine!
    I wish you a fantastic 2010!

    Poor Jin... I hope he is not in pain or anything! I wish you both to create a nice, lovely home... I am sure you will! :)

  2. happy new year to you and Jin!

    did you get anything in the mail at your new place yet? ;)

  3. happy new year to you and Jin, CĂ©line!
    Take care for his four left vingers, i guess you still have a lot of work to do!
    wish you both a nice & cosy house (very soon!!)

  4. happy 2010 celine!
    may it bring you loads of happiness!
    have fun settling into your new place :)

  5. A happy New Year to you too!! Good luck with the new place!

  6. Happy new year Celine! Enjoy your new home! If you ever need help knitting mittens, just let me know. :)

  7. happy newyear to both of you! Enjoy your new home!

  8. Happy New Year! Your accomplished so much on your list, that's amazing. I hope you have another great year fixing up your new home. :)
    Ouch! Poor Jin! I hope his fingers are feeling better.

  9. Oh, good luck Celine! Sounds like alot of hard work and alot of fun!

  10. holy moly jin!
    i am sooo excited for you both in your new home, i have images in my head of what it looks like now and i cannot wait to see it afterwards!!!! i know you guys will make it beautiful and it will be such a lovely place to call your home.

    wishing you the bestest in 2010.
    with love!

  11. happy new year celine! i hope i get to meet you in person this year! you are lovely! :)