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more white floors

hi handsome

he likes it

Our bathroom floor. We chose white, glossy hexagon tiles.

It turned out nicely, we are very happy with it. Mojo likes it too, as you can already see.

Thank you for all your compliments on our
painted white floors.

If you have wood floors that are making the whole room sad, I would suggest you paint it too.
That was the case for us. Our floor is terribly unleveled, and it was painted maroon. Painting it white made all the difference. I don’t even mind that it is disorientingly unleveled anymore (there is a 3 inch difference in level!).

What are your plans for the weekend? We have a busy one ahead of us. Family, friends, brunches and Valentine ’s Day. Chinese New Year happens to fall on Valentine ’s Day this year!

So, happy new year to you!


  1. Brunches! Wee! Your new tiles are so beautiful! I love hexagon tiles! (Trés francais!) xo

  2. Yeah, I'm thinking of painting the floor white in fact! To welcome spring:))
    The kitty is soooo lovely btw.
    Bon weekend, Celine:))

  3. Yes, just went over to Yellow Goat Design and she had a link to the Chinese Horoscope and how it will effect you this coming year...
    BUSY BUSY...the weekend will be SWEET but busy!

  4. your cat is gorgeous! ..the tiles look good too :)

  5. oh wow!! that is awesome tile!!
    that would be a nice wall too....your cat seems to find it cool too ;-P

  6. ha these are fun! i love your white floors! great tiles. have a good weekend. x

  7. beautiful!
    love the pictures, and your cat :)
    Happy Valentines Celine

  8. Happy new year, Celine!

    And those are nice tiles. Great idea to paint the floor white. I once lived in an unleveled room, which I never got used to even after a year. Maybe I should have tried that trick with white paint!?

  9. beautiful floor! it reminds me old "tomettes" (i dont know the word in english!), but i like this kind of floor. in white ceramic, it's like "modern tomettes"!

  10. Happy New Year!
    Those tiles.
    They remind me of honeycombs.
    Saweet :)

  11. Perfect choice for a bathroom floor! Can't wait to see what's next!

  12. Hi Mojo! The floor is great! If we didn't rent I would chose tiles like this for our bathroom! Love it!

  13. A black cat and a white floor...HOW DO YOU KEEP IT ALL SO CLEAN!?!? I'm serious!

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