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my weekend : part 1

Hoof Café

beautiful polaroid

I love french toast

perfectly poached


after brunch coffee

spilt milk

I saw a lot of friends this weekend! It feels so good to take breaks away from the house! I used to work without breaks until I completed my task, especially in school. I think my thinking was that breaks were a waste of time. But I cherish my breaks now, I am realizing that it is the only way to keep sane for large projects, and our projects in life are only getting bigger and more exciting!

this brunch?

Nikki wasn't feeling so good last time, so she was missing in our party. This time, we were complete! We all met at the
Hoof Café, possibly the cutest new brunch spot in Toronto! Their decor is perfect, and we were all in love with their light fixtures! Of course, their food was amazing.

I had such a great time ladies!

I just realized, in a restaurant that serves so many interesting meat oriented dishes, I just ordered french toast! What was I thinking?


  1. it all looks so great!!
    very nice photos! it looks like you had a nice weekend
    i really like your new blog layout too!! pretty and simple! :-)

  2. These photos are so cool...the food and setting makes me want to visit! I can tell you had a good time indeed.

  3. looks like a cosy place! And what an amazing camera in that second picture.

  4. Such a gorgeous little place. It looks like a brunch spot that I've been to recently here in NYC called 'Prune'.

  5. i like the first photo.
    they're all so light, its awesome

  6. Oh! I love the white globe light fixtures and industrial stools! I am desperately trying to find a good brunch place that I can eat at in Toronto. Do you remember if they had any egg/gluten-free options? Brunch is such a struggle!

  7. Aron! So glad you like my new blog layout. It makes me feel so much better, because I was a little unsure about it!

    Alexandria! please do come and visit Toronto!!! I can tell you would like it!

    Nikole! isn't it saturday? I am going to try to make it!

    jokemijn! it was a totally cool camera!

    Lili! I have to go try that restaurant if I go visit NYC! Thanks!

    hearblack! thank you so much!

    Sacha! Oh no! I don't know if they have any egg/gluten-free options! MAYBE the soup?
    Those lights are pretty awesome! So are the chairs! I want my kitchen to be like this! That would be a dream!

  8. I love French toast too!!! The one I had at laduree in Paris was sooooooo good I've tried to make it like that one but haven't been successful yet.
    These are all great shots and I love your new header! So lovely!!!

  9. That would make an amazing kitchen! Such a great mix of vintage/modern. And those stools are not expensive either (I spec'd them for a project last year). Look for them in industrial supply catalogs!

  10. Oh great photos! And love the new header!!

  11. But your french toast looks so so good! The cafe does look cute and cozy.

  12. Finally went here this weekend! It was AMAZING!