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charcuterie + oysters



On Saturday, we went to Juli and John’s for a charcuterie dinner! Jin and I haven’t had oysters in awhile (ok, that was a lie, we just had some a couple weeks earlier at a photography opening at their store!) so we brought 4 dozens over from Oyster Boy (our favourite oyster house in the city).

Jin showed John how to shuck oysters, and away John went! He shucked all 4 dozen for us! Thanks John!

They prepared this amazing spread of cheeses and meat. I have never had charcuterie for a whole meal before which is surprising, as I am big lover of cheese. I guess I never thought I would be full, but boy was I wrong! My favourite cheese of the evening was this cheese with tartufo in it. I will have to remember to get it when I go to
The Cheese Boutique one day.

We left with a parting gift, something they got in Japan. I think it looks like an owl, Juli thinks it looks like a scary face, but we treasure this little guy because he represents prosperity.

Thanks for a wonderful evening guys! (and for prosperity!)



  1. What an amazing looking spread! Such a lovely idea to do with friends and that wee owl is so neat. Now I must look for some cheese...

  2. Hi Celine. It seems to me, your little guy could be a daruma ( Enjoyed the half of your blog yesterday. The rest will follow!

  3. It is! It's a Daruma! Here's mine :

    I got my wish, (when Chris proposed to me)!
    That meal looks delicious! And I love Oyster Boy too! I'll have to get Jin to teach me how to shuck oysters. I've never tried.

  4. Is that Beemster Cheese I see? Looks so delicious!

  5. love this dinner. I am so hungry looking it!!!

  6. Wow, the table looks beautiful! What nice food and nice company can do!!

  7. Ha, this is funny, I just started following the kitka blog.

    I love oysters, and charcuterie and cheese!!! I am so jealous.

    Thankfully, we have Celli cottage way over here on the other side of town. The guy who owns it is the WORLD CHAMPION of oyster shucking, so I leave the shucking to him.

  8. that spread looks sooo good! but you know, i don't like oysters... i feel like a kid when i say this as oysters are something which adults seem to enjoy.
    and wow, juli & john's blog is amazing too, might just have to say "hi".

  9. That's a Daruma Celine!

    Usually they're fully painted except for the eyes. While you make a wish, draw the pupil on the right eyes. And when your wish comes true, you celebrate and draw the other eyes to bring you luck for future.

    The food looks great!

  10. Aren't you guys lucky!! I'd totally have cheese and meat for a whole meal, it looks so good! Juli and John have the best kitchen utensils I'd say. I mean look at those cheese boards and plates!

  11. i've never tried oysters. I was really close to trying on our trip to Bordeaux, where we saw how they were 'grown', but the last moment i decided it was a no-go for me :)
    maybe another time with a really good cook and some camouflage-tricks.

  12. yum. this is one of my favourite types of dinners! looks like a very enjoyable eve.

  13. And I love that your pictures of from your perspective at the table, and we see Juli's on Kitka -

    Like a crossover episode of your favourite TV shows.

  14. Lol, I think you meant truffle, not tartufo! Mmmmm. I love it all.

    Jason, totally! Celine's photo is lovely, as the food isn't half devoured!

  15. Oh my gosh, that looks and sounds so delicious! I was introduced to dinner full of charcuterie when I was living in Europe - such a yummy (and filling) meal.

  16. what an excellent spread!

  17. Sounds and looks awesome!