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under the vines

under the vines

I disappeared last week, I was busy working on something.
I cannot tell you yet, but boy am I anxious to let it out!
Once I am allowed to, you will be the first to know.

This weekend, we were able to clear some mess in our backyard, it needs a lot of work.
But the grape vines that came with the house are doing really well.
It looks like we will have A LOT of grapes. Our whole backyard is covered with them.

I have to admit, I do not eat a lot of grapes, and I don't know the first thing about caring for grape vines. Our neighbour has been kind enough to help me care for them this year (sweetest man ever!). What else should I do with them? Do you know a good recipe for grape preserves?


  1. such pretty pictures. i just love love love eating grapes. but, homemade grape preserves sounds amazing!!

    i love your little hand-drawn buttons on the side! :)

  2. Grapes taste SO good if you freeze them and take them out as a colling snack...I live just east of Toronto and know that we can get those blasting hot days in the Summer...
    Or you could try some homemade wine? Or Grape Jelly?
    Looking forward to hearing about your exciting project!
    Have a lovely Victoia Day.

  3. how beautiful to have a grapevine in your backyard! would it be hard to make your own wine?

  4. rachel! you should come by to take some grapes away! I really think we will have more than we can handle!

    Char! YES! I was thinking of freezing them too!! They are like little grape popsicles!

    Jokemijn! My neighbour told me that these grapes are not good for wine. He said, I could make juice? haha!

  5. we have them in our back yard too! and trust me, you won't really want to eat them. I find them too sour for eating. and your neighbour is totally right, those are probably wine grapes.

    It's super easy to make your own wine! just a lot of manual work, that's all. just start collecting wine bottles. ;)

  6. Lovely grape leaf photographs! I had some in my back yard growing up and my mother would make grape juice from them. Perhaps you could do that!

  7. lucky you! a garden and a grape vine!(s)
    a word of warning, make sure you get to them before the birds do!

  8. Oh my gosh, I'm so jealous! My grandparents had grapes when I was growing up and they made white and red grape juice all the time, it was seriously the best juice ever. I was planning on making some this year, so if you have plenty extra let me know! I'm going to have them teach me how : )

  9. the light in these is marvelous!

    xo Alison