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Lately, I have been able to set some time aside, and work on my second quilt. The last time I left it, I finished the quilt top, and basted all three layers together. From then till now, I have been working on hand quilting the yellow triangles, and I finally finished them! Now I am able to sit down for several hours at a time and hand quilt in straight lines to my hearts content! I can finish a row in one sitting, two if I am quick! With any luck, I can finish this by christmas.....but it looks like my schedule is starting to get busy again in October and on! We will have to see!

I still have to choose a fabric for the binding. I love this one so much, but I am afraid it would look terrible with my quilt, because I already have the purple version of that fabric in the quilt body.


I forgot to mention this in my last post. Sandi posted about my little blog, in her lovely blog. I just wanted to say, merci Sandi!

Thank you for the lovely lot of comments on my previous post on correspondence! We should send more letters in the mail. I would love to see pictures of your pretty packaging you send to your lucky friends!


  1. awww. you rock! I think it's great we both have a love of pictures and beautiful things!

  2. Wow! I am so impressed that you've made two quilts! And look at that perfectly straight stitching. You're amazing!

  3. hmmm, my fingers start itching:-)

  4. sandi - it is so nice to 'meet' you! I had tons of fun at the letterpress class, and the paper worked out great, just like you said it would!

    Anabela ! thank you so much! I secretly make more quilts just so I can hand quilt! I am soooo addicted to it!

    Renilde! are you addicted to it too?

  5. Good luck in completing your project!
    I suck at stitching and I wish I didn't.

    Just so you know, I'm pretty sure that your quilt will turn out beautiful, doesn't matter what colour it'd be. :)

  6. you make quilting look so sexy!! this is definitely not your grandmother's quilts!

  7. OMGOSH celine!!!! that binding fabric u have in mind is AMAZING!!!!!!!! that just got me super excited. good luck with this quilt, i know it'll be amazing. i already saw it in the process and i love it! skills!

  8. Such a nice peak of the quilt. I have a small quilt basted to try out some hand quilting - hopefully I can get to it soon!