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girl brunch

Marben restaurant light fixture

from where we sat

Marben Restaurant

bread pudding french toast

homemade icecream sandwiches

Yesterday, I met up with Nikki, Melinda, Charlyn and Anabela for a really delicious brunch at Marben.

They sat us in the sunny booth, so even though it was a little chilly outside, we were really toasty inside. Maybe spring is finally on its way?

I was really impressed with the food. My bread pudding french toast might just be one of the best french toasts I have had in the city so far! Nikki and Charlyn ended brunch with a homemade ice cream sandwich. Wow. Those girls really know how to brunch!


keep warm



'round the table


Winter decided to come back again this week and it is too cold for my liking right now!
I am going to stay inside and keep warm with good food, good wine, and good friends.

Looking forward to spending some time with some friends this weekend before we leave.

Thank you so much for the Hong Kong and Korea tips so far! I am getting so excited!!


our next big adventure!


My uncle makes me laugh. This is what he said to me in an email.
" can meet and chat with them and introduce your handsome half to us."

Of course, my handsome half is Jin :) and I can't wait to show him off!

In a few weeks, we are going to visit our families in Hong Kong and Korea. It will be the first time Jin will meet my relatives and it will be my first time seeing them in over 20 years. In a way, it feels like I am meeting them for the first time as well, but I know my grandparents are quite anxious to see me again. I am excited and nervous at the same time.

Jin and I have been reading some guidebooks on Korea and Hong Kong from the library. It was funny that they only had one guidebook on Hong Kong, but quite a few on Korea and Seoul. Thank goodness we have the internet!

I have been looking forward to this trip for years, mostly to visit my grandparents, but I am also super excited to see where Jin grew up in Seoul! It will be quite the adventure!

If you have any suggestions for us on places you think we would like to do or see in Hong Kong or Seoul, please send them along!



lemonade polyhedron necklace

lemonade polyhedron necklace

lemonade polyhedron necklace

Look at this giveaway I won from Caitlyn of Lemonade! I have been loving faceted geometric shapes lately and the colours she chose goes so well together! I love her style, and if you are lucky enough to know Caitlyn in person, you'll agree that she is one of the cutest girls you'll ever know. I am so happy I have this necklace! Thank you so much Caitlyn!

I always get a little nervous when showing my work for others. Your extremely kind comments always make me feel silly that I even worried! So, thank you for your kind words on my last post, from the bottom of my heart.

Is today the first day of spring? Well, if it is, happy first day of spring! I am going to try to make this for dinner today! It looks so good!


Some outtakes

hot chocolate & marshmallows

hi N.

a portrait of nikole

Remember that little project I was working on with Nikole? Well, I am excited to finally show you our results!

Nikole styled a cozy winter scene of minty green and hot chocolate. We shot this on a perfect winter day where a fresh blanket of snow fell down, just for us. Even though at this time of year, I do not wish for snow to come again, these sorts of winter days are some of my favourite kind of days. Sipping some hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows from Nikole makes it perfect.

These are some outtakes from our shoot. As always, I really enjoyed collaborating with Nikole, and I really enjoyed taking her portrait. This was for Oh Joy’s beautiful closet & casa series, and you can see Nikole’s closet & casa here.


brunching often

mmmm brunch

morning tea

the kensington cornerstone

These past few weekends, I have been brunching here and there, but this weekend, I found myself brunching on both Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday was with Yukiko at Mildred's. A favourite of mine.
Sunday, I caught up with some lovely university friends, Sacha and Agata. We went to the Kensington Cornerstone which is new to me and I quite like it.

I think I am taking in as much brunch time with friends as I can before the wedding season starts.

If you haven't seen this already, Gabe and May ranked their top 10 brunch spots in Toronto! I love how Toronto is such a brunch loving city.


boy time

big boy eyes

centre of attention

pudding in Jinny's hands

When Jinny sits down to do some work on the computer, Mojo will climb on his desk and sit right in front of him, just like so.

He likes to be the centre of attention, and I suspect Jinny doesn't mind giving it to him.

He is such a sweet boy.


as if it was for me

snap and tumble

snap + tumble for PALSAC

sun burst!

Tanya printed these cards for the PAL-SAC social letter writing night last week and I was very excited to pick one up.

I joke to Tanya that these were made, just for me.

That yellow burst makes me so happy!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I can't believe it is over already!