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We're back!

shop owner and his cat

The past 3 weeks flew by for us and we are home already. Our trip was amazing in so many ways, but mostly in the family sort of way. Our little family here in Toronto seems so quiet compared to the ones we have in Hong Kong and Seoul, but lovely all the same.

Among the busy family visits, I still managed to take some photographs. I am excited to battle my jetlag, look through my photos, and hopefully show some to you soon.

In the meantime, I am going to take a cat nap. Hopefully I won't wake up until morning, Toronto time.


coming & going

packed for adventure

air muffins

coming and going

coming and going

carpet I actually like

I love being at the airport. It is filled with people coming back with exciting stories to tell, and people going for adventures to be had.

It has been quiet around here because we are in Hong Kong at the moment taking in new sights and spending time with a lot of family! Hopefully we will come back with a lot of stories to tell.

See you in 3 weeks.


in front of the camera

secret snap

my portrait

A couple of weeks ago when there was still snow on the ground, Gabe, May and I went out for a little photo session where I was to be in front of the camera!

I was really nervous to have cameras pointing at me for once, but Gabe quickly made my jitters go away as I was totally at ease with him soon after we started. These are my favourites from that afternoon.

The first photo is one that May secretly snapped of me at the The Tampered Press (where they make a delicious chaider), and the second photo is by Gabe, which I am excited to make my portrait photo on my website!

You can see it here!

Thank you so much Gabe & May! I always love it whenever we get the chance to work together.

Also, I am so happy for Gabe as he recently started a blog for his photography! I look forward to see his upcoming work (which will be amazing, no doubt)!



preparing to travel


camera strap


Things are a little hectic around here as we prepare for our trip to Hong Kong and Seoul. We are reading about these cities, packing provisions for power, and I have been getting my camera equipment ready.

I customized my camera strap by covering it with this polka-dotted fabric, and I looked to Karyn’s amazing tutorial for guidance!! I really look forward to taking photographs on this trip.

I had a hard time deciding on gifts for our relatives, but thank goodness for my mom. She said ginseng would be a great gift from Canada. Apparently, we grow really good ginseng here!

I am getting some really great tips for our trip (thank you)!! Particularly about Korea! I want to share with you some great resources on South Korea's current creative community.

Katie Merchant's Seoul City Guide (And Katie's blog is full of goodies about Seoul!)
WOWSAN - South Korean modern culture blog.
Seoulist - Bespoke lifestyle + Culture

We have so much to do before we go, but at the same time, it will feel like a lifetime away! I am so anxious to start this adventure!