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Decisions, decisions

decisions, decisions

The Meatball Shop

Every day in New York, we tried to eat somewhere delicious and there is no shortage of great places to eat in this city, the tough part was choosing which one to go to that day. This was at The Meatball Shop which really hit the spot after walking all day and I loved the restaurant decor.

Here are some other places we really enjoyed on our trip, most of them were recommended to us by Gabe and May, our go-to food advisers!

The Standard Grill
Miss Lily's
Five Leaves
the lobster roll at The Plaza's Food Hall


Infrastructure Jealousy

The High Line

The High Line


on The High Line

The High Line - look up

eating on The High Line

The High Line

The last time we visited New York, The High Line was just in its proposal phase and we saw a lot of pretty renderings of it.

It was really great to see it in person this visit and Jin loved it so much, we went back twice (also mommy and baby were melting from the heat the first time we went so we didn't make it to the end). I hope the next time we go to New York, the High Line will be even bigger! This was Jin's favourite part of the trip, he wishes something like this could happen in Toronto (maybe one day).


heat wave

mango lassi pop

shaved ice yumminess

peach pop

While in New York, it was really hot. Thank goodness for all the cold treats and popsicles being sold on the street. We ate so many, we joked that we were on a popsicle diet.

Now, back in Toronto at least, the days have cooled off significantly. It feels like the end of summer already.


Friendly New York

nyc, looking up

coffee bar

vesuvio bakery

peace to the world


Eloise's feet

below New York

Eloise and Jin, so serious

central park

central park

We tried taking it slow while in New York, our first time travelling this long with Eloise. We spent our days having coffee, hanging out in parks and doing nothing in particular.

It was different travelling with a 3.5 month old, but New Yorkers are so kind and charming, it was actually a delight to be in the city with her. We couldn't walk 2 blocks without someone stopping us to say how beautiful she is and people were always ready to help us take her and her stroller up and down the stairs (so many stairs in New York!).

To all the New Yorkers we bumped into that showed us kindness, thank you so much!


4 months

4 months

These days, I wish time would stand still. She is 4 months old already tomorrow and I am a little sad that time is going by so fast. I know I say this every time but she has changed so much. I can't believe it.

I only had the chance to look through a few photos from our trip (it's been so busy since we came home) and I love this photo Jinny took of Eloise one morning in New York.


Eloise in New York

Eloise in New York

Eloise in New York

I disappeared for a few weeks because Jinny surprised us with a trip to New York. It was sort of last minute but I think that was part of what made it so fun. It is our first time back in 7 years and Eloise's first trip across the border.

If you follow me on Instagram then you already know this. I can't wait to go through all the photos we took, I'll be sure to share my favourites with you.

at the Metropolitan Museum of Art-Sackler Wing