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you are so tiny

funny face

funny face 2


Eloise was born 5 lbs 12 oz but she dropped from her birth weight so she is even smaller than when she was born. We are trying to get her to pack on more pounds but I want to always remember how small she is right now.

Also at 11 days old, she makes some pretty funny faces! But you have to be quick because they only last for a moment.


Special Delivery : Little Baby Kim

special delivery

Eloise Kim

On April 12, 2012, little Eloise Kim entered our lives.

Jinny and I are totally in love.

p.s. Thank you for all the happy emails, text messages and facebook messages about her arrival!

(pictures taken by Henry Cheung, Eloise's very proud uncle)


Very Close

very close

I am at week 38 and it seems like she could come at any moment, although I am not technically due until week 40.

My belly looks comical/embarrassing in this photo Jin took of me! It looks like my belly is cantilevered out of my body! But everyone tells me it is still a pretty small bump at full term (it feels big to me!)! A lot of my clothes do not fit anymore and I have given up on pants long ago (I only wear tights now).

Lately I have been quite busy spending a lot of time with friends, getting her room ready and completing simple sewing projects for her. It feels great! Sometimes I have to remember to take it slow and schedule in some quiet days for myself to catch my breath and mentally prepare for what is to come.

I'll keep you posted.

Congratulations to Juli & John and the arrival of their beautiful little girl!!! Juli and I have watched eachother progress through our pregnancies closely and it is so exciting to see them at the next stage! From our correspondence, Juli sounds totally in love! I am so happy for them!