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Cindy & Eddie : autumn on the Islands

toronto-islands-engagement-session- C&E-Celine-Kim-Photography-1

toronto-islands-engagement-session- C&E-Celine-Kim-Photography-2

toronto-islands-engagement-session- C&E-Celine-Kim-Photography-3

toronto-islands-engagement-session- C&E-Celine-Kim-Photography-4

toronto-islands-engagement-session- C&E-Celine-Kim-Photography-5

toronto-islands-engagement-session- C&E-Celine-Kim-Photography-6

toronto-islands-engagement-session- C&E-Celine-Kim-Photography-7

toronto-islands-engagement-session- C&E-Celine-Kim-Photography-8

toronto-islands-engagement-session- C&E-Celine-Kim-Photography-9

toronto-islands-engagement-session- C&E-Celine-Kim-Photography-10

Toronto Islands in the fall

toronto-islands-engagement-session- C&E-Celine-Kim-Photography-12

Celine Kim Photography - Cindy & Eddie, Toronto Islands engagement

toronto-islands-engagement-session- C&E-Celine-Kim-Photography-14

toronto-islands-engagement-session- C&E-Celine-Kim-Photography-16

toronto-islands-engagement-session- C&E-Celine-Kim-Photography-17

toronto-islands-engagement-session- C&E-Celine-Kim-Photography-15

toronto-islands-engagement-session- C&E-Celine-Kim-Photography-18

toronto-islands-engagement-session- C&E-Celine-Kim-Photography-19

toronto-islands-engagement-session- C&E-Celine-Kim-Photography-20

With big smiles and these two cuddling close to keep each other warm, you would not be able to guess how cold it actually was that afternoon on the Toronto Islands. I could not feel my fingers or my toes but Cindy & Eddie made taking their coats off seem like no big deal. Troopers! Cindy & Eddie made it a cozy afternoon in the golden autumn sun and they had the island all to themselves.

Bring that same love and smiles to your wedding next spring Cindy & Eddie!


winter is coming



the aquarium

the aquarium

the aquarium

the aquarium

The trees are almost bare now and the temperature outside is quickly falling. Winter is coming and my goal is to make this season fun. Eloise and I stayed indoors too much last winter and while she probably was too little to mind, it made mommy go crazy at times. This year she can run about and play in the snow so I think things will be different. We kicked off winter fun by taking a trip to the new aquarium with her friend August and they had so much fun running around looking at the fish and dancing like seaweed! We will be visiting the aquarium regularly this season for sure!

Do you have any suggestions on other winter activities for toddlers in the city?