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kinfolk vol. 3 : my favourite outtakes

Kinfolk Vol 3.

Kinfolk Vol 3.





The newest Kinfolk Magazine is out and I had the pleasure of working on it to provide images to accompany a beautiful article written by M.F. Miller.

Miller wrote about a couple and their sweet ritual of "revisiting their favourite places that they had visited when they started courting" and I asked if Melinda and Chris would want to work with me on this project! I am so glad they said yes because I love the results!

I love the images that made it into this issue (you can see the spreads on Melinda's post about it here!) and here are a few of my favourite outtakes!

Thanks for having me Nathan and Amanda! It is always a pleasure working with you.

Purchase a copy of volume 3 here.
Read it on your ipad here.


One more fun thing I want to tell you about today (so many fun things today!)

Jin and I are on Amanda's blog today as part of her adorable series My Better Half. Do go take a look! I want to thank Henry Cheung for taking those photos for us for the feature.

Thanks for having us, Amanda! xo


Very Well Fed

hello weekend!

mmm coffee


home made brunch

dessert course


cupcakes: dessert course #2

This is what most of our Saturday looked like. Being surrounded by a lot of good food hosted by Gabe and May.

It made a pregnant me very very happy (especially with 2 dessert "courses"! yum!)

I have said it before, but these two really are my favourite people to eat with. Thanks for always making sure I never feel hungry. Love you guys.


an update

website update

Just popping in to say a quick hello!

I wanted to show you what I've been busy with for the past few weeks. I've gathered my most recent works and updated my website! You can go see it here!

Thanks to the lovely Elaine for helping me get it up there and making sure things run smoothly!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead of you!


Mea in things


mea inside

she barely fits


We find her in the sneakiest places.

In baskets that barely fit her.

Or the basket of laundry (full of clean clothes, of course.)

I love this collection of photographs of Maddie the dog on things (via Gabe)


just in cases


dinner at the Buchan's

Jin the student

baby CPR

smooshy face

Preparing for the arrival of our little char siu bao is ramping up to another level! I am at 34 weeks now and technically she could show up safely as early as 3 weeks from today! That sounds so soon!

I have pushed going to baby stores as late as I could but I finally went for the first time this month to research and buy things I think we need for her immediate arrival. All I have to say is that baby equipment is as foreign to me as...aerospace robotics, but we try to talk to as many people as we can (and everyone is very willing to give their two cents) and make decisions based on their experiences.

We have also been making time to spend with friends before she arrives. Since Chris is certified and teaches First Aid, Melinda & Chris had the brilliant idea of having dinner and going over some baby safety things with us, more specifically baby CPR! They had us over for a cozy dinner and afterwards, Chris thoroughly went over the steps of performing CPR on a baby, something we hope we never have to do but I definitely feel more confident now if the situation fell in front of us.

Just in case right? And a great excuse to have dinner together! (and to give Dre kisses!)