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The before and after of our study room.

I wouldn’t stop complaining that our study was always a mess, and that our wall of bookshelves was an eyesore. One day, Jin found these amazing orange metal library shelves from smash that are so tall, they almost go to our ceiling!

I love how metal and industrial these shelves are. And so vertically efficient!



Jin, the little pirate

little Jin

When Jin came home with this photo, it put an instant smile on my face. He always tells me stories of all the trouble he caused his mother when he was a kid, and this photo is proof of it!

What happened to his eye??

He doesn’t remember! But I imagine he did it by doing something he wasn’t supposed to!

He looks so adorable with the eye patch! And I love the stroller his sister is sitting in!


back to it

tools to get the job done

to protect you dear

quilt back

Lately, I have been able to set some time aside, and work on my second quilt. The last time I left it, I finished the quilt top, and basted all three layers together. From then till now, I have been working on hand quilting the yellow triangles, and I finally finished them! Now I am able to sit down for several hours at a time and hand quilt in straight lines to my hearts content! I can finish a row in one sitting, two if I am quick! With any luck, I can finish this by christmas.....but it looks like my schedule is starting to get busy again in October and on! We will have to see!

I still have to choose a fabric for the binding. I love this one so much, but I am afraid it would look terrible with my quilt, because I already have the purple version of that fabric in the quilt body.


I forgot to mention this in my last post. Sandi posted about my little blog, in her lovely blog. I just wanted to say, merci Sandi!

Thank you for the lovely lot of comments on my previous post on correspondence! We should send more letters in the mail. I would love to see pictures of your pretty packaging you send to your lucky friends!



correspondence packaging

to italy

to the big apple

correspondence : bonjour!

I have been sending a lot of mail to my friends this month. Some, are to local friends, and I am sending a gift just because. Others are friends that moved far far away from me, and a care package from home is in order. Mail from home is the best when you move far far away. I just wish Canada Post wasn't so expensive.

The last photo is a postcard I letterpressed on Sunday! My friend and I took a
letterpress curiosity workshop, taught by Tanya (who, is having an exciting giveaway right now!). But more on the workshop in another post. I have to send this to Norway.


Mid-week Drinks

cute sign

looking for change


lacey light

We started the weekend off early by meeting some new-to-us friends at a cozy bar we have never been to.

We were searching for a buck or two to play some songs on their jukebox.

We met some people who were keen to share with us “their” catch phrases. One of which was “I am sick of getting fired!” I thought they were funny.

Then we rode our bicycles home at a decent hour. It was chilly; I think fall is here guys. Time to pull out my new fall coat.

I hope your week is going well so far. Don’t worry, the weekend is coming soon.
I can’t wait!


peachy things

ontario peaches

fuzzy wuzzy

ricotta peach loaf

I know 3 people who have something peachy about them. I thought they were funny and thought, you might find it funny too.

1. A little girl, I know eats peaches in a peculiar way. She licks the fuzzy peach skin all over before she starts eating it. I would think all the peach fuzz would get stuck on her cheeks when she does that! She is only three, and I watched her eat the entire peach that was the size of her head! She is so cute!

2. I know a grown man who is allergic to peaches, but he loves them, and still eats one when I have them in my kitchen. He says, one peach makes his throat itch a little, but if he eats more than 1, he will start to have a hard time breathing.

3. There is a very lovely lady whose middle name is "Peaches". Her father added it into her birth certificate at the hospital when her mother wasn't looking!! Her mother made sure that no more surprise names would turn up when her little brother was born! But I couldn't imagine a more perfect middle name for her, she is one of the cutest girls I know!

I guess peaches just bring the funnies out of people!


Apartment Therapy

apartment therapy

That cottage again.

Apartment Therapy posted about the cottage in PEI probably a few weeks after we came back from our trip, but it took me a little while to find it. I like what Beth Zeigler wrote about the cottage, nice and concise, and it is said in words better than mine. Thanks Beth, for having me on AT!

The first person who commented on this post said my photos "look like a horror movie set up or something". That person is not entirely wrong, I was pretty spooked in this house for a couple of days, and I wouldn't go upstairs unless Jin was with me. But it is still the most beautiful cottage I have ever been to.



getting ready

in my hand

I spent some time yesterday moving plants around and ripping out GIANT cosmos from the ground (they grew taller than me. Jin, my neighbours and I, were scared). They did not turn out as I had envisioned.

I didn't plant bulbs last fall, so I am eager to try them out this year. I have some tulips, some narcissus(they are tiny daffodils!) and some snow crocus.

I think I should visit the garden at St. James Cathedral throughout the season to take down notes on which flowers bloom at different times of the year. Also, I should just go to have picnics there, because it is such a lovely garden. Who wants to join me?

Look at this, isn't it beautiful? I would love one for my home.


you are sweetness!

air ballooning

Thank you friends, for all the lovely warm congratulations for our anniversary!! And I am happy that you enjoyed those silly photos of us! I wish I had that photobooth set-up in my apartment to take photos like that everyday! I can just imagine the creative, funny things we could do in front of the camera!

I am definitely going to put one of those photos in a frame to hang on our wall!

We were supposed to go up on an air balloon for our anniversary, but it got cancelled due to weather worries. I was hoping to have some fun photos from above to show you, but this 5 min drawing will have to take its place for now. We will have to lift-off another day when there are no problems with the sky.

Have you ever been on an air balloon? Jin says they fly about 500 - 1500 feet in the air! I am sort of scared!


The end of summer means.....




Happy Anniversary!

.....we have been married for a year!

Today, is our first year anniversary, and from now on, when summer comes to an end, we will have something wonderful to celebrate!

Happy 1 year anniversary Jinny! It has been such a wonderful year, full of love, laughter and growing together. With you, I feel like we could accomplish anything we dream! I love you!

Photos taken by


Bye Bye Summer : the EX

bye bye summer

That time we went to the CNE

once a year...

That time we went to the CNE

When the EX comes to town, you know that summer is coming to an end. It is our annual midway fair that stays for 18 days. I am so glad that I live within walking distance to the fair grounds! Parking would be a nightmare!

These are film images I took last year, when Jin and I took a break from wedding planning (our wedding was only 6 days away!). This year, we went back, and I took my film camera, again. But, I have to finish the roll. Perhaps I can show you those photos when they get developed.

I am a little sad when the EX leaves town. It is so silent......I can almost hear the leaves turn colour.