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playing with mirrors

mirror mirror

mirror mirror

mirror mirror

Do you remember that pretty little compact May gave me?

I have been playing with it.

I knew that if you wanted to focus on a subject in a mirror, you have to take the distance of the subject to the mirror, and multiply it by 2. This is my first time trying it manually.

It makes sense doesn't it? I had so much fun with it.

I made a small "about" page
here. There isn’t much on it, but I hope to add more later on.


You know that spectacular birthday party in my last post? Go see more great pictures from Erica, Anabela and Karyn if you already haven’t!

Geoff introduced me to their friend Johan, who is an incredibly talented photographer. He showed me some of his work, and I felt really inspired. He has a show coming up at Pikto Gallery at the end of March, and I can't wait to go see it. Do drop by if you are in the city on March 26th!

I do not usually pay too much attention to camera equipment, but I am now lusting for a new lens. Which one? I am not sure yet.


birthday girl

a cake for erica

birthday girl


I went to the cutest party yesterday, full of balloons, gold glitter, (exploding) confetti, and a pink piñata!.

It was
Erica's lovely birthday party, hosted by Anabela and Geoff, with a decadant birthday cake made by Nikole. So many wonderful people were involved, and so many lovely friends were there to celebrate!

She just turned 23.
23 is a pretty sweet year.


dear jinny


If I had to pick a favourite part of your head, it would be the top of your head. Of course, I love your entire head, but if I absolutely had to pick, I would choose the top.


Because it fits perfectly in that spot in between my shoulder and my armpit, and when I hug it, it feels like an egg.

Today, we have been together for 6 happy years! Happy Anniversary honey!


dumplings and hearts

This is my weekend, part 2.

This year, the lunar calendar’s New Year landed on the same day as Valentine’s Day. To celebrate the New Year, our friends had a dumpling making party! We all sat around the table, stuffing and folding, and neatly placing dumplings in a row. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, I made everyone wear a paper heart on their shirt, like in the movie Julie and Julia.

We all ate a lot of delicious dumplings that night. And we all looked so festive!


my weekend : part 1

Hoof Café

beautiful polaroid

I love french toast

perfectly poached


after brunch coffee

spilt milk

I saw a lot of friends this weekend! It feels so good to take breaks away from the house! I used to work without breaks until I completed my task, especially in school. I think my thinking was that breaks were a waste of time. But I cherish my breaks now, I am realizing that it is the only way to keep sane for large projects, and our projects in life are only getting bigger and more exciting!

this brunch?

Nikki wasn't feeling so good last time, so she was missing in our party. This time, we were complete! We all met at the
Hoof Café, possibly the cutest new brunch spot in Toronto! Their decor is perfect, and we were all in love with their light fixtures! Of course, their food was amazing.

I had such a great time ladies!

I just realized, in a restaurant that serves so many interesting meat oriented dishes, I just ordered french toast! What was I thinking?


more white floors

hi handsome

he likes it

Our bathroom floor. We chose white, glossy hexagon tiles.

It turned out nicely, we are very happy with it. Mojo likes it too, as you can already see.

Thank you for all your compliments on our
painted white floors.

If you have wood floors that are making the whole room sad, I would suggest you paint it too.
That was the case for us. Our floor is terribly unleveled, and it was painted maroon. Painting it white made all the difference. I don’t even mind that it is disorientingly unleveled anymore (there is a 3 inch difference in level!).

What are your plans for the weekend? We have a busy one ahead of us. Family, friends, brunches and Valentine ’s Day. Chinese New Year happens to fall on Valentine ’s Day this year!

So, happy new year to you!


goody bag

a goody bag

for us


Things that make me long to go on holidays.

Chocolates for Paris.
Tartufo, my favourite. mmmm.
a pretty floral compact mirror from Porta Portese (a crazy sunday market in Rome, ahh, I remember it well).

May brought this bag of goodness for us on Friday from her 4 month trip to Rome.

I love everything about it, even the paper bag it came in brings up fond memories of places I have already been.

Thank you, May. And welcome home. I missed you.




Waiting for a table in the lobby, there was a bright and colourful installation in the sitting area.

Jin and I actually took a little break from the house this weekend. We had a delightful dinner with
Gabe and May, and Gabe’s cousin Will. We haven’t seen them in a long time, I missed them so much!

It felt so good to go out for a nice relaxing dinner, and finally seeing some friends. It feels like we haven’t gone out with friends for a long time.

Now, I feel refreshed to do some more unpacking!


tufts of snow

tufts of snow





My favourite kind of winter day is when I wake up to a bright sky, and the air is still.

And when a light dusting of snow has landed from the night before, and the snowflakes rest quietly on branches and twigs, fences and lights.

It hasn't snowed too much here this year, but I woke up to a thin blanket of snow yesterday, and a warm and cozy feeling came over me.

It is weird, but I really miss the snow.


airport visit


how has your week been going so far?

This week, we went to the airport, because Jin's parents left for Korea. We went to wish them a good journey. They had a 14 hour flight ahead of them!

While waiting in line with Jin's parents to check their luggage, I decided to see if I could qualify as carry on luggage (my legs, in the second photo).

I did not pass.

Jin's mom brought us some interesting looking snacks to eat before their flight. I had no idea what it was, but ate it anyways. It was decent, but I like anything with eggs!

The airport feels so different when you are not the one flying away. I did not have that tingly feeling in my stomach when I walked through the doors, the feeling of excitement, and of embarking on a new adventure. I really miss it. As I was lining up with Jin's parents, I desperately wished I was the one flying to Korea.

One day, some day soon, we will get on that plane. Until then, look at these amazing photos.

Beautiful traditional korean dresses. They are called "hanbok". (via)

I love everything in these photos, and my favourite dress is the grey and green one. Jin's mom gave me one, it is fuschia and beige.

Perhaps I can show you one day.