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airport visit


how has your week been going so far?

This week, we went to the airport, because Jin's parents left for Korea. We went to wish them a good journey. They had a 14 hour flight ahead of them!

While waiting in line with Jin's parents to check their luggage, I decided to see if I could qualify as carry on luggage (my legs, in the second photo).

I did not pass.

Jin's mom brought us some interesting looking snacks to eat before their flight. I had no idea what it was, but ate it anyways. It was decent, but I like anything with eggs!

The airport feels so different when you are not the one flying away. I did not have that tingly feeling in my stomach when I walked through the doors, the feeling of excitement, and of embarking on a new adventure. I really miss it. As I was lining up with Jin's parents, I desperately wished I was the one flying to Korea.

One day, some day soon, we will get on that plane. Until then, look at these amazing photos.

Beautiful traditional korean dresses. They are called "hanbok". (via)

I love everything in these photos, and my favourite dress is the grey and green one. Jin's mom gave me one, it is fuschia and beige.

Perhaps I can show you one day.


  1. stunning korean dresses!

    fuschia and beige - sounds lovely already.

  2. oh my favourite is the purple and red one

  3. beautiful!

    i know what mean! i hated dropping off john (i had to do this four times last year!) at the airport because it made me feel so sad, and i also wished that i was flying with him! i wonder how the attendants at kiosks feel?
    i have the travel bug right now and am itching to fly somewhere but must save my 15 days of vakay :(

  4. I've seen those photos! They were from Korean Vogue. So pretty.
    I hope we get to go on a trip somewhere soon, too!

  5. Lovely lovely post! I hope Jin's parents arrived safely to Korea. I love that country.

  6. wow, what beautiful images! xo

  7. with that wavy roof and the relay bookstore in the background i thought for a second you were in hong kong!
    oh and i used to love those eggs when i was a kid! they are called "scotch eggs".
    totally forgot about them until now!

    * i'm traveling next week, maybe i will do an airport post too...

  8. Those are beautiful hanbok... I love the linen! Hopefully I get my own one day too! And hopefully I will get it when I am in Korea (fingers crossed).

  9. PS. Love the new look of the blog!

  10. tanya! I kinda want to show you one day. I kind of like my dress.

    ilaria! ooh! that dress is pretty too!

    melissa! I hope you take your vacation this year! I already used mine up in january! How depressing?

    Melinda! I hope you get to go somewhere soon too! anywhere! Even on a little road trip (that is what I am hoping for, I am itching to go back on the road!)

    Alexandria! you've been to korea?!?!? so jealous!

    nals! i cannot stop staring at the dress images!

    sekimachihato! they have "relay" in HK too?! Oh, i wish these photos were taken in HK.

    sacha! are you going to korea soon?? also jealous! I hope you get a beautiful hanbok. I think these dresses are made of least mine is anyways.

  11. ohhhhh i love those traditional dresses. they are just beautiful! i'd love to see a photo of yours one day!

  12. celine! hope they had a good flight.
    those korean dresses are amazing! please show it sometime!!! xo

    ps. i lovelove the new banner!

  13. Sadly... not soon. But Tony's mom is always talking about taking a trip to Korea, so hopefully we will all go sometime in the future. And when we do I have big plans to get my own hanbok there!

    And yes, I think you are right. It does look like silk upon closer inspection. I wonder if I could make one. I got a new sewing machine for Christmas!

  14. i love your photos of the airport. i like airports, too, and the feeling you get when you're there.
    i lived in korea for a while and fell in love with the hanbok. thank you for the link to those very beautiful images!

  15. hihi, love the second photo :)

  16. Yeap!
    Hanbok is so beautiful dress :)
    it makes more beautiful woman's body line,