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Bye Bye Summer : weddings




boy meets girl....



Last Friday, was the beginning of the end of summer for me. Gabe and I finished the last wedding of the summer season. For the rest of the year, our photography schedule will be a bit more relaxed. I had such a great time going to other people’s weddings this summer! I learned so much about photography, but I feel like I have only seen the tip of the iceberg! Thank you Gabe, for teaching me so much, and taking me under your wing. He has such a great eye for photography and composition, I truely admire his incredible talents.

The best part about photographing weddings is that we get to be part of one of the most important days of these people’s lives! Everyone is always in a happy mood, and all I can do, is be happy with them! The happiness is contagious!

These are some of my favourite photos from our weddings this year, of course, I would love to show you all of my favourites, but there are far too many! Gabe has posted some more photos from the weddings and engagements this year on his flickr, take a look! They are so beautiful!

Also, go see his wedding photography website to see some of his weddings from past years, including some photos from my own wedding last year. See if you can spot me and Jinny.

au revoir summer. see you again soon.


I spy...

canola field

a face

four bumble bees


.....with my little eye, something that is yellow.

yellow was my childhood favourite colour, but now, I am not sure what my favourite colour is.

Look at what yellows
christine spies.


Early birds

e g g s

market blueberries

peach season

plant stall

A year ago, if you asked to meet me anywhere on Saturday morning before 11:00 am, I would have laughed at you, because I knew I would be deeply sleeping in on the weekend mornings. But this year I have been forced to get up early in the mornings, for weddings, and trying oh so hard to go to the gym (I refuse to go to the gym after work, which explains my poor attendance.). It has been hard to adjust, but when we DO get up early and start moving, it feels so good to have accomplished something before noon.

This past Saturday, I met
Nikole at St. Lawrence Market, with the intention of getting there by 7:30 am! But we both ran late, and we actually met at ten to 8. Still, the earliest I have ever been anywhere on a Saturday morning! For the first time, I saw all the tables full of fresh produce, it felt so good to be able to pick from a larger selection! And, by the time we were done, it was only 10 am, still early enough to beat the regular brunch crowd. We weren't sure where to go for brunch in that neighbourhood though. Do you have any suggestions?

I wonder how the market looks at 5 am when it opens.

On Sunday, I made cinnamon pear pancakes with the eggs I bought from the market, and Nikole made
peach cream cakes. You have to take a look at her lovely recipe! It’s perfect!



When are you going to take the jump? When am I taking the jump?

What IS the jump (in your mind)?

Jinny sent me a video, and I really wanted to share it with you. This man, really took the

Although, it is not really a jump, it is sort of, a slide....




floating in the wind



melinda + chris

Melinda and Chris got engaged a couple months ago, and their friends and family planned a surprise party in the park for them! It was the sweetest affair, right in the middle of Trinity Bellwoods!

There were homemade cupcakes and sandwiches, and cupcake wrapper and doily garlands! I loved the decorations so much (which explains my excessive imagery of them here!)!! Jin took most of the photos here, I am so proud of them! I think they are beautiful! He is getting really good behind the camera!

Congratulations Melinda and Chris!! Melinda, I am glad we came and met some of your friends, and finally got to meet Chris!



julia childs/meryl streep 1

julia childs/meryl streep 2

Speaking of food, has anyone seen the movie Julie and Julia?? I watched it last week, and I absolutely loved it!

I knew nothing about Julia Child before the movie came out (I know, shame on me), but after I learned more about her, I felt so inspired and hopeful! It gives me hope that even later on in life, I could find myself and find my joy. And that the concept of "being in your prime years" when you are young is just silly pressure that people put on themselves.

Meryl Streep was simply amazing! I have starry eyes for her! Like I said, I did not know anything about Julia Child, but if she was anything like Meryl's interpretation of her, I would love to be as bubbly and positive as she always seemed to be.



baked goodies

huevos monty

it is nice to share

cold drinks


We didn’t eat much on Saturday, but we definitely made up for it on Sunday! I know it is unhealthy to eat "in advance", or make up for not eating the day before, but I felt the need to gluttonously indulge in some breakfast-y food. Mmmmm......runny eggs are my favourite!


making a list




Thinking of all the things I had to do made me really stressed this morning.

Jin told me to make a list.
I did, and it felt so good to check little tasks off when I completed them.

This made me very happy.

What do you do when you know you have a lot to accomplish?




Sølje earrings

Nav is back in town briefly, I was so excited to see her yesterday! We only had a short lunch, but knowing her busy schedule, I feel lucky to have had a private lunch with her! We ate sushi - her favourite.

She handed me a box wrapped in sparkly tissue paper. I opened it, and I squealed! Inside, were traditional Sølje Norwegian earrings! When I lived with Nav when we were in school together, I would always go in her room and look through her jewelry box. These earrings would always catch my eye! I asked her some years ago, if she ever goes back to Norway, could she pick me up a pair? And she remembered! I am wearing them today, Nav! Thank you!

Nav is going to do her masters of architecture in Norway this September. I wish her all the best! I am going to miss her, but it only means, I will have to visit her myself in Bergen. I looked up some images of looks exactly how I imagined Norway would be!! Norway will be our next European adventure.

But before that, we must go to Asia to see my grandparents! So many places to go!


meet Spencer


spencer in the garden

up you go

He is an orphan.

I brought him home when
Rosalyn brought me to a Kid Icarus show a couple of weeks ago. Eric Cheung was there with a suitcase FULL of adorable orphans! He said, that they come nameless, so Jin and I named him Spencer.

Spencer is a quiet boy. He likes to hide in my garden, and sit quietly. He also asks me to prop him up high so he can see more, because, he is not very tall (only about 6 inches high).

He blushes easily. I think he is really cute.


while you were away...

herb garden

finding a comfy spot

shelf trinkets

3 nurses

being coy

It is my neighbours turn to go on holiday, and he asked me to water his plants. Mea and Mojo came along to help me, and they decided to make themselves at home. Sometimes, I think that they would rather live at my neighbours house, than ours.



planting mums

planting Mums

I get to stay at home today because it is a long weekend in Canada. It is so gloriously hot outside, and I am thoroughly enjoying it! We haven't had too many hot summer days this season, so I am soaking it up!

My entire body hurts from working on a wedding with Gabe yesterday. Planting some Mums for our planter is a slow-paced activity I can handle! We had Mums at our wedding last year, and I was surprised that Jinny remembered when I brought them home! My man really loves his flowers.

Hope you had a great weekend!