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meet Spencer


spencer in the garden

up you go

He is an orphan.

I brought him home when
Rosalyn brought me to a Kid Icarus show a couple of weeks ago. Eric Cheung was there with a suitcase FULL of adorable orphans! He said, that they come nameless, so Jin and I named him Spencer.

Spencer is a quiet boy. He likes to hide in my garden, and sit quietly. He also asks me to prop him up high so he can see more, because, he is not very tall (only about 6 inches high).

He blushes easily. I think he is really cute.


  1. Spencer is soo sweet. I love your story about him too. I wish the two of you a happy Friday!

  2. Ah! He's fantastic! He'd make a great little drawing, too.

  3. I am so glad you adopted Spencer, he looks like he is lots of fun, once you get to know him!




  4. eeek! he's so cute, celine! he's the luckiest orphan there ever was.

  5. Bonjour! I found your blog as it was linked to one of my friend's own page... I live in Quebec city, I do speak french (héhé)and would be glad to teach you if I only could get to know were I can buy one orphan like yours to give to a good friend of mine.... ;-)Do you have any tips for me? Or the telephone number ofthat place you bought it from????
    Merci beaucoup par avance!!!!

  6. Spencer is one lucky kid and you must be one lucky parent. :D

    I think he's really cute too!

  7. Oh, cute one. Is he a football player by any chance? ;-)

  8. argh, he cute and little.. But very strong!

  9. smmartel - thank u for coming by my blog!! so sweet of you! My husband and I actually want to go to Quebec City in september! I can totally try to find out how to get one of these guys to you! (I hope he has more, because I only saw him at a craft fair). I can try to look on his site for a phone number and maybe meet up with him! Just e-mail me (because I cannot find a way to contact you). My e-mail is

    Aixx - he is too nice to be a football player! He is too shy to knock other players down!

    Provins - he is very very strong!

  10. Wonderful post and nice to meet Spencer indeed!

  11. what a charming little thing!!!!!!!
    I adore!

  12. that's so awesome...why is it blushing?

  13. I think he's blushing 'cause he has a crush on you ;0)
    I think I might have a crush on him... shhhh, don't tell him!

    and in answer to your question (sorry this is a bit late); yes, it's a little dude in there :0) we can't wait to meet him!