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Dreaming of roasted duck, and cornish hens. Of warm potatoes and pie. I want to try making duck for Christmas dinner next year.

I hope you are opening boxes today with gifts given by loved ones! This year, Christmas is opposite for us! We are wrapping everything we own and putting them in boxes, as the movers are coming in 2 days. To be honest, I am quite bored of packing right now, so hopefully the next time I see you, I will be....unpacking!!

If I do not come back before the new year, I want to wish you and yours, a happy happy new year. 2010 will be amazing. I can feel it!


I wouldn't have known....

christmas - one week away

nikole's bracelet

sonja ahlers

melinda josie - christmas card!

I wouldn't have known that Christmas is on its way,
if it weren't for my dear friends.

With all the commotion going on in our lives, with moving and packing and renovating, and all the while, we still have our day jobs to attend to, Jin and I do not really have time to fully celebrate Christmas this year.

Nikole gave me a beautiful hand made wooden bracelet from her shop,
Anabela gave me this print of Sonja Ahlers' bunny making a sugar igloo!(photo taken by Carly Waito)
and we got this handmade Christmas card from
Melinda in the mail!

Thank you, dear friends for bringing a little bit of Christmas into our lives this year!



ladies & gents

antique hardware


Looking for bathroom fixtures on our lunch.

We found plumbing heaven. Look at all these antique hardwares!

These photos I took do not even do this place justice. I was too distracted by porcelain!


packing, or playing?

vintage toy


vintage toy

karaoke Jin

Look what I found while I was packing.

A toy Jin has owned since he was a little pirate. I think it is safe to say that it is vintage.

Jin told me, that he begged his father for it. I am glad he still has it.

From what I understand, it is like a little electronics toy, and by following the instructions in this book, you can make different things. Like a radio, an alarm, some sort of sensor...

We made an amplifier, connected the microphone to it, and had a karaoke session with the cats.


talking hands

talking hands

beautiful tiles

talking hands


yum yum!

little owl

These girls are very descriptive with their hands!

I had brunch with
Melinda and Charlyn at Le Select Bistro. I really love their interiors! Wouldn't you love this tile work in a foyer, or a bathroom?

These girls gave me some early christmas gifts! So sweet! A really delicious cookie from the market from Charlyn, and a handmade owl ornament from Melinda! Charlyn, the cookie was so good, Jin accidentally ate most of it! I was so upset! And Melinda, this little guy will be hanging on our tree for years to come!

Our 3 lady brunch was supposed to be a with 4 ladies, but poor Nikki was feeling sick. I hope she feels better today! Perhaps we can do the 4 lady brunch we originally planned, on another weekend!


black and white


I love black and white photos, they are so nostalgic, and sometimes, dramatic. I have the cute photo of Jin the pirate slipped in the pages of my diary, so that I know where it is at all times, and so that I can look at it before I go to sleep. I am definitely going to frame it when we move into the new house. Something with a really big, white, matte border would be nice.

I have yet to take a good black and white photo that I am happy with. For now, I will leave it up to the photobooths!

This was taken on the day we bought our house! We were waiting in the lobby of the Drake, and the photobooth was actually working that day! The machine left funny dark streaks on the photo, making it look like Jin came out of a horror movie (the second frame!). He wasn't bleeding! I promise!

Thank you everyone for your warm congratulations!! I can't tell you how much it means to us that you are happy for us!! Thank you!

I can't wait to show you our house. There is a lot that needs to be done, and we are not going to do any major renovations immediately, but we will try our best to make it 'home'.