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1. clean 2. dirty 3. dirtier


getting dirty

dirty snow

I wish snow could always stay white, instead of becoming slushy brown.

This is a neat video my friend sent over. Watch it

It's cute isn't it? He found it on
Kanye Wests' blog. Interesting.


Grown Up Things








Jin and I went to a wine tasting yesterday. It was my first time to a wine tasting, and I felt very grown up. We learned about names, and oak, and tannins. I first heard of tannins from a How I Met Your Mother episode, and when I heard "tannin" yesterday, I couldn't help but laugh a little inside!

It was a lot of fun, with a lot of great food with great wine. It was a lot to learn in one night, especially when you are drinking all night. And I get buzzed after one glass of wine, so it was very hard for me to stay focused! But I learned some very nice pairings with foods that I already adore.

For example, champagne, strawberries, and dark chocolate taste so good together (how could I not have known?)! And port and stilton cheese were like a party in my mouth!

This was an annual event, and I think we will go again next year.


Monday night Movies







I like to make Jin take me out for dinner and a movie on Monday night, or early in the week. After a hectic weekend of family, friends, errands, and projects, it is nice to just relax on a weeknight. Yesterday we watched "Rachel Getting Married"

Lately though, we have been watching movies a lot, because I have been feeling very lazy. So no more movies for awhile,.....or until next week.


Adventures of the Ox

happy year of the ox!



Happy New Year, from the lunar calendar. Are you an Ox? You can tell if you are 0, 12, 24, 36, 48....etc. years old this year.

If you are an Ox, you should read your horoscope

I had a great time with my family tonight, eating a very yummy dinner my mom made. I hope you all had a great weekend, and happy new year to you!


The weekend before the one that just passed....








I am allowed to back blog a little right? Before entering the world of blogging, I met up with some lovely friends I got to know through flickr. We met, unplanned at a trunk show at the workroom, but we planned a brunch date together some weeks later!

After some time of e-mailing, messages and other sorts of internet communication, Jin and I finally met up with
Anabela and Geoff. They announced their engagement the day before we had brunch, so I couldn't resist taking a snap of her really sweet ring.

After brunch, we went to ella's uncle because Jin and I have never been there before, and we live so close to it! They have the prettiest Ovaltine I ever did see.

That was the first time I planned a meet up with someone through the online community, and I must say, I quite liked it! It is so great to hang out with people who have similar interests as you, because, all the friends you meet through school and work, rarely have the same passion as you.

Internet, you are amazing!


we made PIE.



apple pie


I don't make new years resolutions, but this year I made a list of things I wanted to do in 2009.

1. Learn how to make pie from scratch
2. Learn how to knit mittens
3. Go strawberry picking
4. Travel somewhere I have never been to before
5. Make a baby quilt for my friends
6. Make a DRESS!! (c'mon Celine, you can do it!)
7. Take more pictures

Hopefully this little space on the web will help me with # 7! I'd like to say hello! to you! Thank you for coming by!

The pie crust turned out great by the way, that was the part I was most afraid to not succeed! The apple part was a bit sour, I used Granny Smith. Next time, I will have to try another sort of apple. Fuji maybe?