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no thank you, naps!

Ellie putting daddy to sleep

no naps!

Instead of us putting Ellie to sleep this weekend, she worked hard to put us to sleep.

I came home to this scene in her bedroom. Jinny tried putting Ellie down for a nap for so long with no success, and it made him so tired that he fell asleep.

We had a few days where she refused to nap, all weekend long.


Hope your weekend went much more smoothly than ours.



Little Ellie, drawing away

our drawings (Ellie & me)

our drawings (Ellie & me)

our drawings (Ellie & me)

our drawings (Ellie & me)

Ellie draws, and then she tells me (or our visitors) to draw with her.

"Mommy, draw heart"
"Mommy, draw birdie"
"Mommy, draw triangle"
"Mommy, draw boo (blue) triangle"

And then she will accent my drawings with some fierce strokes.

Repeat, many many times.

Looking back at these pieces of paper, I can remember the funny conversations we had over markers and paper. She always surprises me with how much she knows.


A refresher, everywhere

bonjour celine logo by Polystudio

Celine Kim Photography - site update!

a little sparkle, or a lot...

While I update the content and sometimes the look of my website every year, it has been years since I changed the look of this blog. I decided it was time to update this little space of mine.

With my limited knowledge of web design, I knew I wanted to keep the layout as it is and let the graphics do the dazzling. I adore the logo Jamie at Poly Studio created for my photography business a few years ago and I asked him to create a variation of my logo for my blog, a bit looser and more carefree as I'd like to keep it just that around here. Light and carefree.

Jamie went above and beyond my expectations and the end result is better than I could have imagined! Thank you Jamie! You are so incredibly talented!

I have updated my photography website a few months ago but I have never mentioned it here until now. I'd love to hear what you think.

It looks like my wish for spring might come true! I walked out this morning and it actually felt nice outside. A "warm" zero degrees outside. I am hoping it stays this way, at least for the weekend. Have a good one, friends!


hoping for spring

spring in a box

If I eat like it is warm outside, spring will come faster right?

It has been a cold and harsh winter, the snow storms were fun at first but it has overstayed its welcome. It is March now and I think winter should collect its things and go.

Those of you who live in milder climates, I am so jealous of you right now.

I got this spring in a box of a salad from the ladies at The Goods. So good.